Thursday, December 22, 2011

CAS Christmas

I needed some simple cards. This one is about as simple as it can get. But I loved it. Adding the stickles to the "berries" added just the needed touch along with the strip of DP. I love the size. It's 4.25" square.
This is the last of my cards from last year.
I will try to post more after the holidays.
If I am not back, you will know I am playing with my grand. {wink}

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowflake in Pacific Point

I will use this "sketch" again and again!
Change out the snowflakes for flowers and what an easy thinking of you or ANY occasion card!
A birthday cake, balloons or candle and you've got a "clean and simple" birthday card!
Last year, I made several sets of layered snowflake embellishments which I hoped to sell at a craft fair, but sadly (or not) did not sell. SO, I came up with this easy Christmas card and used up many of them! I recommend Nina Solar White cardstock from It is sturdy enough for a card base whereas SU white is perfect for layering and not so much for a base!


Monday, December 19, 2011

2010 Christmas Favorite

This was definitely my favorite card from last year's Christmas. I ordered the baker's twine from Crate and Barrell. I've used a bunch and still have enough left to last me years and years!! This one wasn't as simple, but it was fun!
Let me know if you like it!

More of Last Year's Christmas Cards

NOW...we have less than a week.
And I am working now.
Will I even be ready for Christmas?
Not if I write a post.
So here you go.... Another one of last year's cards! I made several of these. Great for scraps and no two were alike!

Blessings to you and yours!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Year's Christmas Cards

I started making this year's Christmas cards today. Yes, I know there are only 2 more weeks until Christmas.
more weeks until Christmas.
Will I ever learn?
I have 50 cards halfway done. I hope to finish them tomorrow. Wish me luck.
In the meantime, I never did post last year's cards.
I try to always make my Christmas cards CAS (clean and simple) and easy to reproduce. Why? Because I always start them too late to do anything else.
And my back likes it that way.
I usually make about 20 or so of one design and move onto another design so I am not too bored. I usually end up making over 100 cards.
This card design which I came up with last year was a scrap busting project.
I LOVE using scraps.
And no two were alike.
So, I didn't get bored making these.

I have a few more cards, so I guess I will be blogging this week.
Ha...who would have thought?
If you are reading this, I hope you are more prepared than I am and that you are remembering the reason for the season.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stamps For Sale

I have the following stamps for sale that I am selling for a friend.
Brand New Unmounted Stampin Up Sets:

(*The letter at the end is what box they are located in)

A Little Love 2004 set of 12 –C 12.50

All About Autumn 2002 set of 7 –D21.50

Alpha Builders 2001 set of 28 –E 26.00

AlphaBuilders Access. 2002 set of 12 –E 12.50

Alphadots 2004 set of 28 –E 20.00

Anytime Greetings 2001 set of 8-C 10.00

Birthday Balloons 2001 set of 4 –D 8.50

Bold Alphabet Numbers 2002 set of 12 –E 12.50

Bold Alphabet Upper&Lower 2002 set of 56 –E 29.00

Bold Line Alphabet 2000 set of 28 –E 20.00

Bug Builders 2002 set of 11 –D18.50

Cute as a Bug 2003 set of 6 –D 11.00

Daisy Days 2004 set of 7 –A 14.50

Delightful Doodles 2002 set of 4 –A 8.50

Demo Incentive Stamps 30 total –F15.00

Demo Stamps BOLD 1995 set of 40 –F 15.00

Fast and Fun for Fall 1994 set of 9 –D 10.00

Feathered Friends 1999 set of 8 –A (2mtd)20.00

Festive Friends 2000 set of 4 –B 8.50

Figures of Speech 2004 set of 8 –C 16.00

Fine Print, The 2002 Set of 6 –C 12.50

Flower of the Month 2001 set of 12 –A22.00

Framed Fun 2001 set of 7 –C 21.50

Framed Fun 2001 set of 7 –C 21.50

Framed fun 2002 set of 7 –21.50

Furnished with Love 2004 set of 6 –C12.00

Gently Falling 2006 set of 4 –C10.00

Gifts from the Orient 2004 set of 6 –D10.00

Handmade w/ Love 2002 set of 4- D8.50

Hearts & Posies 2002 set of 6 –D 16.00

Heavenly Days 2001 set of 7 –C 10.00

Hedgehog Happiness 2000 Set of 8 –C 14.50

Holiday Blocks 2005 set of 8 –B2005 Holiday Mini Hostess 12.00

Holiday Frame Fun 2002 set of 7 –B21.50

I Love Stampin’ Up 2002 set of 1-D 5.00

Itty Bitty Borders 2002 set of 4 –C 8.50

Just for Fun 2000 set of 8 –C 10.00

Just for Fun2001 set of 8 –C10.00

Kanji 2000 Set of 4 –D8.50

Kids Prints DD 1998 set of 9 –D 17.50

La-Dee-Da 2004 set of 8 –A 14.50

Lifetime of Happiness 2002 Spring Mini set of 7 –D 12.00

Little Layers 2003 set of 8 –A 14.50

Little Layers II 2003 set of 8 –C 14.50

Love Notes 2003 winter mini set of 8 –C 10.00

Marvelous Morning Glory 1999 set of 10 –A 13.00

Mice Messages 1999 set of 4 –C 14.00

Mini Messages 2004 set of 8 –C 12.50

Occasionally 2004 winter mini set of 8 –C hostess 10.00

Outline Alphabet Lower 1998 set of 28 –E 17.00

Outline Alphabet Numbers1998 set of10 –E 9.50

Outrageous Alphabet 1999 set of 28 -E 18.50

Painted Garden 2002 set of 6 –A10.00

Peaceful Gardens 2001 set of 4 –D 10.00

Polka Dots & Paisley 2007 set of 6 –A 14.00

Quick & Cute 2002 Set of 8 –C 12.50

Santa’s Helpers 2000 set of 6 –B (1 mtd)12.00

Secret Sister 1999 set of 10 –A 12.50

Smile Accessories 2001 set of 6 –C 11.00

Smile Some More 2004 set of 6 (2 mtd)-C 11.00

Smorgasborders 2004 set of 9 –C 12.50

Special Events 2000 set of 6 –D11.00

Sweet & Simple 2004 set of 8 –C 10.00

Sweeter Treaters 2003 set of 8 –D 16.00

Thank You Blocks 2001 set of 4 –A 8.50

Wee Wishes 2001 set of 4 –C Hostess10.00

Wonderful Woodcuts 2001 set of 4 –C10.00

Year Round Cheer (6 mtd) 2001 set of 12-C10.00

Used Sets

(*For Used Stamps the letter indicates what box they are located in and the number is what condition they are in. 1 is excellent 2 is good 3 is okay 4 is ink stained and well loved)

All Season Wreath 1997 set of 8 (foam) 1-A 5.00

Alphabet Antiques Lower 1997 set of 28 4-E 12.00

Alphabet Antiques Upper 1997 set of 28 4-E 12.00

Asian Art 2001 set of 9 2-D 18.00

Basket of Blossoms 1999 set of 7 1-A 10.00

Bold & Bright 2000 set of 4 1-C12.00

Botanicals 2002 set of 9 1-A 20.50

Brushstroke Upper &Lower 2001 56 total 2-E 25.00

Bunch O’ Bugs 2000 set of 6 2-D 11.00

Celebrate 1999 set of 11 3-C 10.75

Celestial Skies 1995 set of 4 2-D 9.75

Christmas Set 1990 set of 6 1-B 10.00

Christmas Set 1991 2-B 10.00

Contemporary Collection 1998 set of 10 2-C 11.00

Costume Bears 2000 set of 4 1-D 10.50

Cupcake Birthday FOAM Set of 4 3-C 5.00

Easter Egg 2 Step 2000 set of 7 2-D 9.50

Eclectic Corners 1998 set of 4 1-F 8.00

Fabulous Flourishes 1996 set of 11 3-A 11.00

Fanciful Flowers 1999 set of 13 4-A 14.50

Framed Fun 2001 set of 7 2-D 18.50

Friendships Grow 2001 set of 1-D12.50

Frosty 2001 set of 4 2-B 16.9511.00

Funny Faces 1997 set of 8 3-D11.00

God Bless America 2001 set of 1 1-D6.00

Great Groupings 1999 set of 3 1-C10.00

Happy Birthday Frame 2001 set of 2 1-A8.00

Heart Blocks 2001 set of 7 1-D13.50

Hearts & Posies 2001 set of 6 2-D 15.00

I’d Pick You 1996 set of 4 3-A 6.00

Just a Note Mini 1997 set of 1-C 7.00

Just for Fun 2000 set of 8 1-C10.00

Label it (foam mount) set of 8 5.00

Mini Bold Greetings 1997 set of 4 2-C 6.50

Mini Corners 1991 set of 4 2-C 6.50

Natures Wonder 2002 set of 4 1-A 10.00

Notable Notes 1991 set of 4 1-C 12.00

Outline Alphabet Upper 1998 set of 28 3-E 12.50

Petite Posies 1998 set of 14 2-A 10.75

Polar Bears 2000 set of 6 2-B 13.00

Portfolio Collection II 2000 set of 12 1-C14.50

Posy & Bees DD 1998 set of 10 2-A15.00

Pretty Poinsettia 1999 set of 9 4-B 13.50

Seasonal Patches 1999 set of 4 1-C 8.00

Seasonal Solids 1997 set of 12 2-A 16.00

Seasonal Sprays 2000 set of 3 1-A 12.50

Simple Wishes 1998 set of 4 1-C 7.50

Simply Seasonal 1999 set of 10 2-D 11.50

Simply Summer 2000 set of 6 4-D 10.00

Smile 2000 set of 6 4-C 7.50

Special Day 1998 set of 5 +1Limited Edition 10.00

Springtime Fun DD 2002 set of 12 4-A 19.00

Sweet Herbs 1999 set of 6 1-A 11.50

Tag-Alongs 2003 set of 9 1-C 12.00

Tags & More 2001 set of 8 1-D 14.00

Tree for all Seasons, A 2000 set of 4 1-A9.00

Tricky Treats 2001 set of 3 1-D12.00

Wild Things 2000 set of 6 1-D 14.00

Winter Wilma 1999 set of 6 1-B 12.50

Wish for You, A 1998 set of 8 2-A 10.50

All Wheels are $4.00

Stampin Up: Gingerbread Man
Busy Bees
Stars & Stripes
Primitive Prints
Autumn Breeze
Bitty Bugs
Sunflower Bold
Fall Frolics
Christmas Time
Whimsical Blossom
Wood Blocks
Snowman Fun
Leaf Prints
Hearts & Flowers
Star Spangled
Heart Blocks
Easter Fun
Flower Power


Gypsy Blocks
Seasonal Blocks
A Bunch o Bunnies
Feathery Pattern

House Mouse Stamps!

House Mouse Stamps

247 1998 Mudpie (new) 4.50
B337 1999 Mudpie (stained wood) 3.75
D354 1999 Hyper Mouse (Friend) used 4.50
D333 1999 Amanda & Friend new 4.50
117 1998 Amanda (stained wood) 4.50
D360 1999 Cozy Mitten (Mudpie) used 4.50
E322 1999 Party Mouse -stained wood (Monica) 4.00
F288 1999 Grape Dreams (Mudpie) 5.00 (like new)
M237 1999 Marshmallow Bounce (Amanda, Muzzy, Friend) 7.00 (new)
H413 1999 Signing a Card- Small (Muzzy)like new 5.00
I399 1999 Lemon Lips (Mudpie & Maxwell) 7.00 (new)
212 1998 Signing a Card (Muzzy) 6.50 (new)
219 1998 Raisin Snack (new) 7.50
C348 1999 Maxwell (new) 4.00
G111 1999 Amanda Ties Bow 5.00 (like new)
84 1998 Sharing a Drink 7.00 (new)
26 1998 Spitting Apple Seeds 6.00 stained rubber & wood
82 1998 Confetti Rain 6.50 stained rubber & wood
231 1998 Fantastic

House Mouse Sentiments

11-1836 1998 Wishing you a day full of fun! 3.50 like new
11-2309B 1999 You’re such an angel 3.50 new
11-1879 1998 No seeds about it… You’re the best! 3.50 like new 11-1754 1998 Blowing warm wishes your way 3.50 like new 11-2292C 1999 Spending time with you is special 3.50 like new
11-2340D 1999 The value of a friend cannot be measured, only treasured. used 3.50

House Mouse Cubes (4 images)

40-2 1998 LARGE candle, thimble, bow, ball 5.00 new
39-3 1998 Small paper clip, roll of tape, confetti, heart confetti 4.00 new
39-1 1998 Small seeds, coffee bean, feather, dandelions (?) 4.00 like new

If you have read this far, you also may be interested in the MANY other items for sale including wood mounted and unmounted rubber stamps from other companies, a complete Coluzzle set with organizer, lots of pretty charms, eyelets in every color of the rainbow, punches, radiant pearls, punches and LOTS of misc. supplies. I have yet to price these items, but would love to send you lists if you would like them.

Thanks for stopping by even though I don't have anything pretty to share with you today!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blingin' It!

Most of my time the last couple of weeks has been spent trying to find a job and of course trying to spend as much time as I can with my handsome little grand before I have to go to work.
You don't blame me, right?
I made a card this week!
Aren't I crafty?

It's a Clean and Simple design- my favorite kind.
I grabbed Kraft cardstock at first, but wanted something a little softer for this card, so I went with Sahara Sand instead. That's a color I don't use that often, but I do like it.
Most of the DP is scraps, but you can tell that flowery piece is a Prima design. Hobby Lobby has a ton of new 6x6 pads and when paper goes 50% off, they are too inexpensive to pass up! I just layered my DP, sponging the edges with Sahara Sand ink to give it uniformity (is that a word?) and then to add interest and dimension I added a strip of cardstock over a strip of curly edged ribbon. Added my Bling and my sentiment and this card was finished.
The card was made as a sample for one of the Hope You Can Cling To challenges at SplitcoastStampers this weekend- to use bling! You can find more information about this month long event here.
Pssstt... there are giveaways!
And finally- here is the gallery of inspiring cards for this Blingy challenge!
A special thank you to my friend Lori for asking me to make a sample and giving me a great excuse to make a card!
Have a blessed weekend!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

TOPS Boxes Take 2

I swear I made 12 boxes, but I only have pics of 11. Oh well! Here are the rest for your viewing pleasure. I used Mod Podge to glue on the papers and Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive for all of the embellishments.
This first box was one that I tried making more masculine. I noticed a woman got it anyway. Oh well.

Sing a New Song at TOPS.
I ended up with this one. :-)

Just TOPS.

The flowers have sparkly centers thanks to Stickles!
Flags to spell out TOPS.
I used a paper line that has buttons, I was inspired to add a border of white buttons. Didn't even put a dent in my stash.

A patchwork box. TOPS -
Beauty, Joy, Love rub-ons. It is how I feel at TOPS!

That's all the boxes. Hope to get some cards edited and up this weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

TOPS Boxes

Last Saturday my local TOPS group held a "Fun Day" where all of the area TOPS groups were invited. The theme was "TOPS at the County Fair". We had carnival type prizes and decorated the room with County Fair decorations. We served each guest lunch in shoe boxes we had decorated. It all turned out wonderfully. I ended up decorating 12 boxes for the event. I had a lot of fun with my new Cricut and some recently purchased cartridges I found on Clearance at my WalMart for a Fabulous price (can you say as low as $5?). Coincidentally I had purchased the "Carnival" cartridge and it was perfect for the boxes. I did the first 6 boxes using that cartridge.
I decided to show you those ones today.
The first one I did.....NOT so cute. The rest are better I promise.
I tried coming up with cute phrases.
All Aboard the TOPS Train! TOPS....Worth the Ride.

The boxes needed to be flat for stacking so I added dimension by tying a big brown tulle bow on each side.
A ticket for TOPS?
Up Up and A Weigh at TOPS!
Oh, so corny with the bright balloons. But I liked it!

Can you guess this one?

Lions and Tigers and Bears!
I will post the rest soon! Tell me which is your favorite?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sending Love

Well, I decided today to blog! It's been a while, but I do have some projects to share that I have stamped. Where have I been? Spending as much time as I can with a little blue eyed blond of course! Hoping to
get more pics of this handsome little guy on my personal blog soon!

Last Friday I had an awesome opportunity to take a Copic Certification Class in Edmond, Oklahoma. The instructor, Lori Craig, is one of my dearest friends and has been such a blessing to me over the 9+ years I have known her. It was so good to see her again.
And to top it off I was able to meet a few of some special online friends in person- Beate, Jenn and Sharon. Oh....I had a wonderful day.I wanted to send a special card to Lori to let her know how special she is to me. And I wanted to use Copics on it of course! I don't have a good selection to color with just yet. So, I used my one Wide Copic- Y26 to color the seam binding. It made the seam binding a nice crisp ribbon and I really liked the color. I also colored the background paper with the Y26 Copic to match the ribbon. It started out a moss green.
The focal image was actually an illustration from a vintage children's book. I thought she was adorable. I punched her out and adhered it to a scalloped oval punch out which was sanded. The two pearl brads are mounted on to punched out circles. The Unity postage image and "Sending Love" sentiment was the final step.
I actually mailed this card the same day I made it! Love it when that happens!
I hope to get some more pictures edited and some posts up.
Let me know if you read this...just say hi!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Teacher Thank You

A friend of mine wanted some thank you cards for her girls' teachers so I made a simple set of these for her.
Pretty easy. I was glad to have found the apple punch at Tuesday Morning in Kansas this past weekend since my 2 apple dies were a little too big.
The dotted frame was made using a marker. And I pulled out one of my many background stamps that I haven't used in a while!
Clean & Simple they were.
I tied the set with red and white twine, but I didn't get a chance to take a pic.
Have an awesome day!

Stamps: Stipple Plaid, Thank You(?)
Ink: Wild Wasabi, Versafine Onyx Black
Paper: Kraft, Riding Hood Red, SU White, Textured Wild Wasabi, Bella Rose DP (SU)
Accessories: Fiskars Apple Punch, Black marker