Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yep, today is YELLOW day. I hope you have a Mellow Yellow Day! :-)
(By the way, your card does not have to be yellow!)
I am so excited to share my card with you today.
BECAUSE I have BIG news!

NO, I am most certainly not pregnant.
It's much better than that.

I am going to be a GRANDMA!
Kevin and I are so excited that our son, Jake, and his wife Megan are expecting a little one. We're already calling each other Grandma and Grandpa.
We got the news yesterday and I am just overjoyed for them (and me.)
I have a feeling I will not sleep well for the next 9 months. When I get excited, I can't sleep and I am probably the most excited I have ever been. I gave up sleeping at 5:30 this morning and started working on my posts and email.
This Prego Gal is a Michael's Dollar bin stamp and this is only the second time I've used her. Isn't she so cute? I've paper pieced the dress and hat. Can you believe Kevin cut that tiny little hat out for me? If you only knew how big his hands are and how tiny the little scissors are! I just love my man!
I wanted to show you where I cut my dress and hat from! This description sheet which came inserted in the package of papers has a sample of each paper included... in a smaller print! perfect for my little dress! SO, save your inserts, ladies!

Today's Yellow Goodies being added to that ever-growing basket:
Included are:
~6 Pre-scored cards of SU Yellow Hues (YoYo Yellow, Summer Sun, Barely Banana, More Mustard, So Saffron, Marigold Morning, Apricot Appeal)
~A Bag of Yellow Buttons
~A small vial of SU Sun Sparkle Ultrafine Glitter
~A YELLOW Stampin Sponge
~Ribbon- 1 yd of Yellow Grosgrain and a pkg of Doodlebug Designs Citrus Squeeze Organdy
~A small pail OVERFLOWING with all kinds of fun punched shapes in shades of Yellow of course!
~A baggie of Yellow Flowers

Because I am so excited about my BIG NEWS, I just have to have an extra drawing! Answer the bonus question at the end of this post and you'll be entered into a BONUS drawing tomorrow morning! What's up for grabs? A host of Halloween items:

Included are:
~20 Assorted Cuttlebugged Backgrounds in
Black, Lilac, Pumpkin, Grey and White
~Mark Richards Ghost Iron-On
~3-D Foam Stickers- Frankenstein
~1 Pkg of Felt "Scary Critters"
~3 ea. of Foam Shapes (1 set shown)
~Halloween Images and Sentiments Pre-stamped in Palette Black ink
~TONS of punched bats and spiders (a few shown)
~A Length of Martha Stewart Trick or treat Ribbon

Have a GREAT Day!!

Remember you can find the rules here.
What is your favorite costume of all time?
(This could be one you've made or bought for your children or grandchildren or even that you wore yourself back in the day!)
My favorite costume entry will get a smaller assortment of Halloween supplies in their mailbox too!
I'm drawing tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM EST!

Open to anyone anywhere!
Card Recipe
katie & co "Maternity", SU Think Big, Ink- Choc Chip, Basic Brown, Blush Blossom, Really Rust, Rose Red Paper~ PTI Sweet Blush, Vanilla, Basic Grey DP- Blush, Accessories: Corner Punch, Tab Punch, paper Piercing tool, Primas, MM mini pink heart brads


Becky said...

Congrats to your entire family!!! Your card is gorgeous!

My favorite costume happens to be my 2 year olds costume this year. Its a dragon and is super cute! I'm crossing my fingers!! I could certainly put all of those Halloween goodies to use for all of the 100's of pics I've already started taking and will continue to take of my sweet boys! :)

~Shade of my Heart~ said...

I would have to say the costumes the boys wore for the past two years are my favorite. I love "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and the costumes brought it to life. Not to mention the boys made the cutest Oompa Loompas!

Halloween Costumes

Anonymous said...

I am surprised it took you that long to post the news!!!I was sure it would have been up by yesterday

Sharon in NE said...

Oh Angel! Congratulations! You and Kevin will be the best grandparents! So happy for you!

Regarding the halloween costume: my sister-in-law made my daughter the cutest costume, a horseback rider. It was a pattern she used and quite detailed, but my daughter was the cutest little cowgirl ever.

mitchelllawson said...

When my kids were little all they did was go into my closet and find either their fathers clothes or mine and dress up like a bum or a old lady they sure had a imagination
Thanks for letting us have a chance to win

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Angel!

I would have to say my favorite costume was when my son dressed up as Elvis from the white Vegas jumpsuit to the black hair and gold sunglasses! It was a hoot!

Now, his sister (5 yrs younger) doesn't want to use his $45 costume because she wants to be Sharpay from HSM. Imagine that?

Gina Wrona

Kitty Mom said...

CONGRATS on the exciting news!!! My favorite costume was when I dressed up as a Cavewoman while I was working (at Target). I had a large plastic bone in my hair and all day people would tell customers to ask the woman with a bone on her head for help. It was fun!

Pamk said...

big congrats. My favorite costume was a pink and green alien. Had a footed adult pjs that were fuzzy pink wore a motorcycle helmet with aluminum foil and antennas on top with face and hands painted green. Cheapest costume I've ever seen. Cost of green paint was 2.97 rest was in my closet lol.

Deborah said...

There have been so many great ones over the years! But most recent favorite was my grand daughter Isablella as a strawberry at almost 2 years old! Berry sweet! Deb
PS~ Congrats to your family!

Peggy said...

CONGRATS Grandma!!
If that is the SECOND time you have used the stamp, then I sure know the first:) I have it in my scrapbook!
My favorite costume was a hand made costume for Zach (made by me) when he was 3 - he had a leather looking Harley Davidson jacket so I dressed him in ripped up jeans and a white t shirt, a red bandana and I made a beard and mustache with black mascara.

Purple Princess said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!

My favorite costume was when I was a pig witch. Each person in my dept at work was a different witch. I love pigs so my costume had little pigs all of it. It was lots of fun!!

CAKVD said...

Congrats, Angel!!! My dad is an inventor, so my halloween costumes were always really unique. When I was in kindergarten, he made me be a TV. I had to wear this huge box that my arms and legs stuck out of and I had a tinfoil wrapped antenna on my head!! I was so upset in class because I couldn't sit down with the other kids as my costume was so huge!!!
Cheryl KVD

Kate (gluegirl) said...

congrats on your happy news!

My all-time favorite costume was in junior high. The week before Halloween, I had won a trivia contest by answering that a cricket hears through its knees. So I dressed all in green, had wings on my back and giant plastic ears on my knees.

--GlueGirl @ SCS

Sue D said...

Congrats on being a grandma! You are going to love it. My kids always made their own costumes. I think my favorite was my son's ghostbuster outfit.

Grandma Sue

Kathy W said...

Congratulations to your family! Very exciting news, indeed. My favorite Halloween costume was my son's tiger costume when he was one (he's 20 now). He was just so stinking cute, and I loved his whiskers and long tail. Thanks for the chance to win.

SueB said...

Congrats, GRANDMA, t'riffic news!

I've a variety of pieces to make into a pretty kewl clown costume, and vary it from year to year - a few different wigs (bright purple, bright green, another rainbow effect one), vests, purple polka-dotted skirt, ginormous orange and yellow polka-dotted shoes that I stuff w paper towels, huge sunglasses, a few strange large hats, masks and noses ... Halloween's DEFINITELY not just for kids at our house!

Megan said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting. You guys are so good with all the kids in your life (friends kiddo's, your God babies and of course your own) that you will be awesome grandparents... Yeah! I also pray for an uneventful pregnancy for Megan and the safe arrival of the little one.

windycindy said...

Best wishes on the news that you are becoming grandparents. I remember how excited my sister and her husband were to become grandparents. Love your cards and color-themed giveaway drawings. My mother-in-law made our first son an adorable pumpkin costume when he was 2 years old and then our second son wore it. We still have it! Cindi

Diane said...

Congrats to all of you!!!!

cskidspraise said...

My favorite costume was when I dressed up like a dalmation, because my niece who was 1 at the time, dressed up like one too. It was a special time for us.
Congrats on becoming a grandma. I really excited for you. Love ya.

Lastel said...

Congrats on becoming a grandma , how exciting ! My favorite costume is was dressing up a few years ago as a glamorous witch , I even won 2nd place in a contest in that costume !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Angel! This is so much fun!!!
My most memorable and favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed up as a Motorcyle Woman using my Dad's 1950's fur-collared leather jacket!! He is gone now and I miss him terribly but I treasure that memory. I also borrowed a pair of goggles from an older brother and drew on my own mustache, etc. We had so much fun together as a family that year!! Thank you for the opportunity to win! These are great goodies! Congratulations on becoming a Grandma -- how wonderful for you and what a blessing!!!!!!
~Amy Sabol~

Anonymous said...

"Hi Grandma" Nothing sweeter than those words spoken by a percious grandchild----Congratulations to the both of you----I know you'll be terrific grandparents----Favorite costume? - Well, any costume my grandchildren wear on Halloween and/or for "dress-up"-------------Happy Grandparenting"----Barbara in Bellflower
(aka 5kidsgrandma)

Tami said...

CONGRATS!!! and great tip on using the insert!

Michelle said...

Wow! This is very exciting news for you@! It is so much fun being a Grammy!

CreativeJeaux said...

CONGRATS! I love babies! Still waiting for my very own... My fav costume was this disco diva thing I conjured up in college. I had a vintage orange halter dress from a thrift store with an afro wig, gold fake eyelashes, and the biggest gold platforms I could find at the ghetto swapmeet- I was about 7 ft tall with the hair and shoes!

Bunny B said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on being a grandma! Must be exciting! :)
MY fave costume is the fairy princess! :) With wings, wand and a tiara. Lovely!

Rose Ann said...

Congratulations, Angel!! Love your cute card too!! Great tip!!

jackie said...

woohoo being a grandma is the best!!! I was the traditional scarecrow one year! loved it...thanks for chance to win

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grandma & Grandpa. I love being a "Nana" and "Great-Nana". I loved my little GD as a lady bug. I know the time is past for the drawing, but I am trying to get caught up on the posts and the challenges.
JoAnn B.

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

It's got to be when i went as a hobo...i smeared vaseline on my face and put coffee grounds on that to be my beard. I looked so scraggly with my hair down over my eyes, a big hat, and my dad's clothes stuffed with pillows.

Loriq1962 said...

my favorite costume was when my sister and I at the ages of 6 & 7 we're "we are ME". We both were in one pant leg and one arm sleeve of my dad's pajamas ( yes he was a BIG guy) but he had lost weight at that point and my mom recycled the pj's to form this unique costume.. We won a prize for the closet siblings still getting along and original idea. .

Lori Q

CM2 said...

When my friend and I were skinny little kids we each got in a pair my dad's bib overalls for a church halloween party> we dressed in the Sunday School roomand went to the Social Hall crossing the graveyard! As we went along our way, we fell over and had a terrible time righting ourselves because we were laughing so hard!

Janet S said...

Congrats on your wonderful news! That is so exciting. As for the favorite Halloween costume, I would have to say the time when I was little when my Dad and Mom created the most beautiful pink butterfly costume for me. My dad crafted the fab wings and my mom made the rest.

Angela said...

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to that day...hopefully it's a few years, like 7-8 years! :)

My favorite costume was when my girlfriend and her brother and my brother and I dressed up like cheerleaders and football players - the boys were the cheerleaders!

Deanne Burton said...

I never went out on Halloween as a child but my sons did (and did this year too, even though they are 14 and 16). I really enjoyed dressing them up for their first Halloweens. Alexander, my oldest was a darling pumpkin, and Nathan was a cute little ghost.