Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Movie Review

OOPS! I missed last week's movie review. Just way too much going on I guess! This week I am reviewing a couple of older movies. You won't find these in the "New Release" aisle! We didn't rent them, but watched these 2 movies while house/dog sitting this past weekend.

Alex and Emma

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Alex (Luke Wilson) is an author whose writer's block and gambling debts have landed him in a jam. In order to get loan sharks off his back, he must finish his novel in 30 days or wind up dead. To help him complete his manuscript he hires stenographer Emma (Kate Hudson). As Alex begins to dictate his tale of a romantic love triangle to the charming yet somewhat opinionated stenographer, Emma challenges his ideas at every turn.

Angel's Five Star review:
A good classic "chick flick", I give this romantic comedy ***1/2 Three and a half Stars!

Katie's Opinion:

Katie gives this movie a seven on a scale of one to ten. She liked it for the most part. There was just one scene that she thought was unnecessary.

Big Fish

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Edward Bloom (Finney) has always been a teller of tall tales about his life as a young man (McGregor), when his wanderlust led him on an unlikely journey around the world. Bloom charms almost everyone he encounters except for his estranged son.

Angel's Five Star Review:
Another ****FOUR Stars from me for this drama/fantasy/comedy/adventure. I enjoyed the fairy tale stories being told by the father. A great "feel good" movie. But, do have your tissues handy!

Kevin's Point of View:
It's always nice to have another viewpoint and Kevin watched this movie with us so I asked him what he thought. On a scale of one to ten he gives the show a five. He didn't care for the flashbacks and felt the movie just didn't capture him.


Maria said...

Hey Angel! I love watching movies. . .especially Indie movies. I've seen both the movies and I loved both of them.


Peggy said...

Ive seen both of these.. I LOVED Big Fish! I give that 4 stars also!