Monday, November 26, 2007

Weight Loss Buddies Wanted

Christmas is coming and along with Christmas comes candy, cookies, fudge and lots of other yummy treats such as my mom's homemade candies. Mmmm.... she makes the best "Mounds". They are better than the actual coconut candy bar! Sorry.... back to topic. It's been so hard to stick to a weight loss plan lately!
I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my weight loss issues and have come to a realization. Not long ago I met my personal weight loss goals, going from a size 18 to a size 8. But this last year has been a roller coaster for me during which I have gone back up into a size 12. I do think I know what helps me to lose weight!

  1. Motivation

  2. Competition

  3. Goals

  4. Rewards

  5. A Buddy

What better place to find all of these things than Blogland? That's where YOU come into play. Does all of this sound a lot like you? Would you like a buddy with similar goals? I would love to match you to someone who would be your buddy! There are some requirements to this "program" and I would love to share them with you!!
Please email me at
angel2stamp@yahooDOTcom for more details. There's no commitment for you to get the information and there is NO cost at all to participate.
Help me get the word out so I can get everyone a buddy! Please post a link to my blog from yours. Everyone who posts a link on your blog and then comments here will be put into a drawing for a Heidi Swapp Edge Distresser and whatever else I may throw in the envelope!

I hope to launch my Buddy program December 1st. This will be a month long commitment only.
Email me for more information!
Have a great day!!!



Well Said Cards said...

I'll post a link on my blog. Thanks for posting this - it sounds fun.

Jan said...

Here's a link to my blog

Jackie said...

I posted a link on my blog and will email you for more information. I sure could use some help!

SueB said...

Count me in! Here's my post:

later, alligator!
- SueB of

Cindi said...

Count me in, too. I was just telling the girls at work how hard this month is going to be. I added your link to my blog at

Thanks for a GREAT idea!


kathy said...

I don't need to lose weight but perhaps I can be here to help you along the way. I lost 85 pounds in 1997 and have kept it off for the most part, I gain a little at the holidays but always manage to take it off. I went from a size 20 to a size 6 and If I can do it anyone can(I have no will power) But I did it anyway. I will Post a link to you blog on mine

Peggy said...

I posted a link to this on my blog:) Can't wait to meet my buddy!

canben said...

I posted a link on my blog! I can't wait to hear from my new buddy!

Cathy said...

Hey Angel,

You and your great ideas. I will post a link to my blog later tonight and would LOVE a buddy. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and although I had WLS a year ago Dec. 1st, it's still a daily struggle for me. I've been successful but have a LONG way to go and would love a buddy. THANKS!


Melissas said...

I could use a little help this time of year! I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but the clothes I bought last January are too small and I'd like to get back into them. No doubt this is the hardest month of the year :) Thanks - I will link you on my blog

Meredith said...

I just sent you an email and added your link to my blog

dd2njoy said...

Hi Angel,I don't have a blog,found yours through allison. I would love to join this,I too had loss 101 over the yrs of '96 to '99...then met my now husband and gained some of it back. I am now also waiting for a liver transplant which makes it hard to loose so anykind of motivation would help,please count me in.
my email is
I need anykind of help,am trying diff. things and loss 8 pounds in 3 months,it's taking forever!!

Elaine said...

I will play along. I was going to try to do my own thing over the next 3 weeks to get in shape, but I think you're right - it's easier with a buddy1!

Lastel said...

I need help , I have way over 100 pounds to lose . I post a link to your blog on mine !

tyrymom29 said...

I would also love to play along I have some weight to lose also as I would love to become pregnant again in the new yr I have just went for a Reversal and I would love to lose at least 20-40 pounds before trying Thanks alot !!! Great idea My email is

~missprissme said...

I'm in here's my link & I just emailed you