Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

I've been seeing Christmas Wish lists all around Blogland. It's been helping me decide what I would like to have for Christmas. So I thought I would post my own wish list! So here is my wish list.... and not necessarily in order.
  • Nestabilities Dies Circles, scalloped circles, ovals and scalloped ovals!!
  • Copic Markers in these colors
  • Scotch ATG Gun reviewed here by Lauren (available here)
  • A new Camera- I've been drooling over the Canon Rebel, but think the Canon Power Shot(as reviewed here by Trudee) would suit me fine!
  • Photo editing software..... Here is where I would love some advice! Do I want Photo Shop? Help me out here.
  • A new Paper Cutter (reviewed here by Julia, I would probably get the Stampin Up one)
  • MP3 Player (on sale at Office Depot this week, I don't need anything fancy.... :-))
  • Digital Photo Keychain such as This one or This one
  • Socks.... I love thin ladies socks.... I just do
  • Tealight candles.... my favorite scents are apple, cinnamon and vanilla
  • CHF stamps.... I love the backgrounders and Kim Hughes stamps they have now!
  • Art Declassified has some very cool stamps including these ones
  • A Soft Box Photo Studio (as reviewed here by Lauren) to take my blog pics
  • Yummy Figgy Pudding Paper by Basic Grey!! Or any 6x6 paper pads... see this post by Julia to see what I mean
  • Basic Grey Precision File Kit available here and reviewed by Julia here
  • Green Bay Packers tee such as the one here

That's all I can think of for now. Please comment and tell me what's on your wish list!! I love reading them!



Linda F. said...

Great list, Angel! There's a lot from my list there, too!

To answer your question about Photo Shop. You probably would enjoy Photo Shop Elements if you print your own pictures. I use it all the time to fix photos and enlarge them. But I print all my photos. I haven't sent any out in probably a year! LOL! Oh, and another thing to take into consideration: how computer savvy are you? are you willing to take some time to sit down and explore PSE? Although it's much simpler (and cheaper ) than Photo Shop, it has lots of features. I'm still finding them! And at first glance, it can be intimidating. But with a little playing around and googling, you will find it to be pretty intuitive! HTH!

2 Worlds said...

You are going to love ATG gun
It worth every penny 1
right now nestabilities dies are my priority

Julia Stainton said...

Wow! what a great list! You are totally spoiled if you get it all girl! LOL I asked for a digital drawing tablet. Actually got it early but can't use it because my computer is down. :( I'm borrowing another right now. PSE is a great program and well worth the money. I love mine. It is fabulous for digi scrapping if you are interested in doing that too.

I hope Santa is very good to you! Have fun wishing and listing and gettign ready for Christmas and thanks for all the links!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh boy this is a list of enabling items!!! Thanks for posting-Im off to check out some new stuff!

Maria said...

I asked my husband to get me the Copic 72 set C Sketch markers for Christmas. He looked it up and came back to me and asked me "do you REALLY need those markers?. . .I never knew a set of markers could cost $300. . .are they THAT good?". LOL!!! Too funny! We'll see if gets them for me.

I've been using Scotch ATG transfer tapes for over 3 years. . .they're fabulous!

Wow, I love your wish list. I'm afraid to come up with mine. . .I have a feeling it'll be too long!


Rose Ann said...

Your list is full of wonderful items, Angel (you've done your

The two that interests me most on a personal level, is the Photo Studio and Trudee's camera that she reviewed. My camera has been acting up a bit...and I would jump on that camera if mine quit.

Oh...and I wanted to wish you good luck on your post above this one. ;)

Peggy said...

This list needs to be moved to the side so I can find it right away! LOL Also so Kevin can see it easily:)