Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Winner & an Announcement!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your comments and stories of family and friends and even some of yourselves who have been effected by breast cancer. My daughter and I took some time to write out all of the names and cut them into strips. Then we put them all in her Kansas State hat and pulled out a name. Who's name?
Well........ I am going to tell you! But, first I want to give you a heads up on my NEW blog candy. Starting tomorrow I am counting down to my birthday! And as is the tradition in Blogland, I have to offer treats to my blog friends! It's going to be like the 12 days of Christmas on "Angelosity". Only it's 31 days and we are counting backwards. So we'll call it the 31 Days of Angelosity? You will seriously not want to miss this! You may consider adding your email address to my Feedblitz to get updates by email! (See the button to the right.) Even if you are not a stamper, you may like the "other" prize! Here's how it works:
Every day from now until my birthday- November 7th, I am going to post a Sketch and a card using that sketch. Visit my blog each day and leave a comment. From the comments I will draw a winner. THAT winner will win the 31 cards I have stamped in that month. So, even if you are just a lurker, family member or friend, leave a comment and I will send you 31 cards (blank inside) along with 31 matching envelopes for you to use personally IF you are the random winner. You have to comment on the day of posting. For instance, you can not comment Wednesday on Tuesday's post. It will not count. Now, even my sons would want a set of cards. I know, one of them has asked. SO... comment. It's easy! One comment per day per individual please.
The second blog candy is a WOOZY! To be entered for this candy, make a card (or cards) using the sketches I provide and upload them to your blog or to a gallery or email them to me. For each card you make your name will go into a hat. You can make as many cards as you like and you can post them at any time within the month leading up to my birthday. What will you win? Well, I will post one thing or set of things a day that will be going into the box. It's pretty good, in my opinion. We'll start with a set of 31 somethings and we'll count down to 1. That one thing is good. It's very, very good. And I think I would like it. If you're a stamper, I think YOU will like it. The other things are sweet too. You won't be sorry if you play the game.
Well start tomorrow! YEAH!

Now for the winner....... We put the names in Katie's hat (before the game where KU beat K State), I put the hat up in the air, and Katie pulled out the name.....


Misplaced Texans who said...
Hi Angel. I'm Tracy, a misplaced Texan living in New York. I had a aunt-in-law that lost both breasts to breast cancer 10 years apart. She was the sweetest lady, even though her body was eventually so racked with cancer she returned to her everlasting body with God. (I miss you Aunt Kerlin!)
Tracy, I just happen to already have your address so this will go out in the mail next week!
Thank you, friends and don't forget to come back tomorrow. I'll try to post the sketch before church!


Misplaced Texans said...

OMGoodness OMGoodness.. I actually won something??? I bet it's going to snow tonight!! WOW... it's the first anything I have won in a long time and it couldn't have come on a better day! I'm so looking forward to your 31 days of card making!! I have needed something to get me going and stamp everyday and this is the perfect start! Not to mention I have lots of cool things to use coming in the mail soon!!! :-) I'm smiling so big, my husband wants to know what's going on!!! Miss you my friend!!

Rachel said...

Looking forward to the 31 days of Angelosity!

Brenmarie said...

Oh my that mean my birthday is only 41 days away. Better enjoy my 406 days of being a crazy teen. If only I now what crazy meant! :P I guess I sometimes am crazy with ideas I come up with for cards and scrapbook pages.:P

Gina Wrona said...


Lilian said...

congrats to the new winner!

also, angel, i never received the envelopes... i am wondering if you have my correct address? please let me know.

thanks! :)