Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two for Tuesday- RAKs

Here are a couple of RAKs I've received in the mail.... and it's been a little while, but I knew she wouldn't mind me sharing. You'll probably recognize the artist right away. It's my sweet friend Lori.
Thank you, Lori!

I had an amazing day yesterday. Peggy surprised me with a trip to the spa where we both were treated to amazing facials and relaxing pedicures and manicures! She is the best! I loved it.

I'm having a ball holding the babies and spending lots of time with my awesome 8 y/o godson Zach. He's the best kid in the world. Yes, I am a little prejudiced, but that is my honest opinion! I'll be putting pictures on here soon.

Thanks for checking in.
Have a great Tuesday!
Blessings, Angel


Anonymous said...

where are pictures of the babies mother

Rose Ann said...

Awesome RAK's, Angel! I'm so glad to hear you are getting some pampering and lovin'!

Peggy said...

You deserve it! :) Hopefully, you will be getting another gift while you are here!

Love you!


Michelle said...

Lucky you! Isn't getting cards in the mail fun?