Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Memo Board

I love my memo board at home. I put all of the cards I am working on in any given week or so there before I send them out. I used to not want to send my cards out right away unless I had made 2 or another one like it. Because I may need the card there to use for inspiration you know? Not any more! I send them out practically right away. After all, I have a picture of it if I want to duplicate it. BUT, Now I rationalize that there will be another trend or idea right around the corner. And if I save my cards instead of sending them out, they aren't going to do any good and I will have worked on them for nothing.

So here is my memo board. Most of these cards are gone now. They've been sent out to be enjoyed. If you're a card hoarder, I encourage you to give them out and make someone smile today!


Leslie Miller said...

Hi, Angel! This is a wonderful idea and I see some beautiful cards, too. I was the same way about hoarding my cards when I first started stamping but you're right about there being another idea, another card just around the corner. Kudos to you for sending out so many RAKs. It's a wonderful thing to send a smile in the mail!

Helen & Co. said...

Gorgeous - love your cards too!