Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Winner!

I'm having lots of fun with my godchildren.... especially my Godson ZACH!!
I had Zach pick the winner and he chose #8 which was
Rose Ann who said...
I have never been to Hobby Lobby, and I know I'm missing!I just started turning into a paper collector, so I will be curious to see what others are doing as well.
Congratulations to Rose Ann!!!!! Email me your address!
I am babysitting the twins and BOTH of them are now crying so I hafta go!
I'll check in soon!!


Rose Ann said...

Oh my goodness, Angel! I was just coming here to check and see how your trip to DC was going. I can't believe I won your blog candy! Thanks so much!!

Misplaced Texans said...

So, did you get any good ideas for storage?? Are you going to share them with the rest of us that are anxious to hear what others have tried? I'm always up for new ideas! Especially in the "little corner of the world" I have to stamp in!
Congrats Rose Ann!!!!

stampingranny said...

Congrats Rose Ann! Those kiddies will keep your hopping! LOL! Deb