Friday, January 28, 2011

A Great Deal!

I have been working on more of those Cookie Sheet Calendars. They are so much fun!
I had to share this awesome deal I found to use on them.
Kevin took me to Michaels on Saturday so I could get some of those foam paint brushes that were on sale (15 for $1) and right next door is a little store called Tuesday Morning. I could spend hours there. They always have different stuff. Their craft aisle is of course my favorite.
I couldn't believe it when I found these clear alphabet sets by Love Elsie for only $1.99. I wasn't sure if they included numbers or not, but knew I could use them anyway.
All but one ended up having numbers!
I started to choose one or two but Kevin said get them all. Who am I to refuse my husband? LOL
I would love to know.....
what kind of deals have you found recently?
You know, let's call it "Blog Candy"! I will send one of these Love Elsie sets to a random entry with an answer to the question above. Please comment on this post to enter and I will draw a winner next Friday (Feb 4)!
There will be extra chances to win this week as well, so check back often.
Please return then to see if your entry won!


Diane said...

Oh wow Angel,those are awesome!
I never refuse my husband either,lol!
I went to Michael's yesterday and purchased 2 MS punches,the corner and edge punch that match of course
for $6.99 each (reg.priced at$24.99)now that's a bargain!
I love to go in and browse,you can find so many deals when you have time to look around,oh and some 12x12 pattern papers sheets for .29 cents!!!
Have a great weekend!

Mickie said...

Such a sweet man! I haven't been able to shop much lately as my husband is real sick and cannot be left along. I did get a Grand Caliber at 40% off last month tho and I LOVE IT! Thanks for the chance at winning your candy!

Anita said...

I found sticky strip for $1.49 a pack which is half off. The other deal I found is a Martha Stewart around the page set for $14.99 and I had a coupon so saved more. I love Tuesday morning just haven't been there in a while since they are not real close to me.

bethann d said...

we had a relative pass away and are cleaning out the house, my deal ... cookie sheets, cookie cutters, coffee filters (i'm a tea drinker), spatulas of all shapes and sizes,perfect for the Melt Art pan.. paint brushes. needles,thread,a sewing machine.... all FREE which is my price point.

Armenta4some said...

I have found the paper mache altering items at Joanns for $1.00 is agreat way to get creative for not alot of money! Great gifts! By the way, "Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you"! Have a blessed day!

bethann d said...

my best score was some scissors, thread, cookie sheets, clothespins, coffee filters (i'm a tea drinker) plastic storage boxe, and a sewing machine.... all free because we are cleaning out a relatives house who recently passed away. free is my price point. lol

Cindi said...


What Tuesday Morning where you at? I go to the one in Yukon and didn't see those. I did however get a 6 pack of glue runners for 2.99! That was a bargain. They were refillable, but at that price, I didn't get the refills just more of the runners! I ended up with 4-6 packs!!!

Anonymous said...

The last deal I got was going to AC Moore and using a 40% off coupon. I don't make it to Michael's or AC Moore often. I did see Michaels had Cricuit Cartridges for $9.99 but I didn't make it there to see what they had.
Have a great week.

Rose Ann said...

A deal indeed! Thanks for sharing, Angel!!

Monica-FC said...

that is so great of a deal. plus who can refuse a husband when he says get them all. I wouldn't. :) I was rummageing thru my stuff and found a few things I forgot I had so i decided to use them instead. sticky back craft foam can you say> :)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Wow! What a wonderful find! Can't say that I've found any amazing deals lately, so I'm going to live vicariously through you. Way to go, and can't wait to see your cookie sheet calendar. I've always wanted to make one of those! :)