Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Pecan Pie Day!

No, I am not a big fan of Pecan Pie. But I love wacky holidays!
And today is Pecan Pie Day! So, if you like pecan pie, have a slice and celebrate!


Rose Ann said...

Happy Pecan Pie Day Angel!! (It makes me think of my Dad, 'cause he loved pecan pie. *wink*)

Maren said...

Who knew?? Thanks for I need to find me some pie!

Michelle said...

I don't like Pecans. ICKY! but my husband loves pecan pie! Darn.. I missed the day.. I could have baked him one! LOL!

Deborah said...

Love pecans, so good for you lots of protein! The pie is just too darn sweet! Looks great in picture though! Happy Pecan Day to you! Deb