Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Movie Review

I've decided to add a new weekly feature on my blog. And I'm hoping some of you will do the same! If you're like me, you will pass by a movie on the shelf just because the cover doesn't look good. I am sure I've watched many a bad movie because the cover DID look good and missed a good movie on account of some bad artwork!
I'd love some recommendations for good movies from you as well. Let me know in the comments section, if you've seen a good movie lately!
Just so you'll know my tastes, I'll tell you that I like a fairly clean movie. Chick flicks are right up my alley. I am also fond of Super Hero movies, but too much action gives me a headache! I also like movies designed more for children (think Willy Wonka).
This last week, Katie and I cashed in some of Kevin's many Coke Rewards points and hit Blockbuster for 2 movies, 2 cokes and a bucket of popcorn- free!

We rented

{In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm.}
Trailers here.

and The Ultimate Gift

{Jason thought his inheritance was going to be the gift of money and lots of it. Was he ever in for a big surprise...}

Angel's Five Star Review~
I really liked BOTH of these movies and highly recommend them. My favorite of the 2 was Stardust which had a great cast including Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfeifer. It borders on Chick-flick status, but it had enough adventure that even Kevin liked the movie.
FIVE Stars *****
The Ultimate Gift:
Four and a half Stars ****1/2
Katie's Opinion~
[on a scale of 1 to 10]
Great movies to see with your family!
Stardust: 8
The Ultimate Gift: 10


SueB said...

ooh, nice addition to your blog - I'm a movie-aholic, and recently picked up National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, and it was t'riffic too! An action flick, bringing back many of the same stars that were in the first one.

gail w. said...

great idea,
i just downloaded
P.S. I love you from iTunes.
I haven't viewed it yet,

27 dresses was also on my list.

kermetta3167 said...

one of the best movies i have seen lately is waterhorse if you like great childrens movies this is for you it has laughter sadness alittle of everything. Another good movie to see is an older movie Simon birch it is my all time favorite movie

Janet said...

Did you ever see Secondhand Lions? We love it. It is funny, sad, and not just a chick flick. We bought it after we rented it. Our other had to buy DVDs include Sense and Sensibility(my all time fave), Little Women(with Winona Ryder), Pride and Prejudice(with Kiera Knightley), Notting Hill(chick flick-oldy but goody), The Holiday(cute-more of a chick flick), Night at the Museum(whole family),Bridge to Terabithia(whole family, need tissues),Wild Hogs(more adult, but hilarious), Ratatouille(cute), and A Walk to Remember(not very known but SO GOOD, definitely need a BOX of tissue). You have probably seen most of these but they are on our fave list.

Patti Gingrich said...

This is a great idea Angel! I love movies, especially seeing them in the theater, but that's a rare treat.

I'm with you, the Ultimate Gift was a fantastic family film. Have you ever seen Little Manhattan? It's so cute and funny! Check it'll love it.

Peggy said...

GREAT idea!! Maybe I will do the same. Sun is my night off and could easily be movie night. Maybe I will check out Stardust. We rented the Ultimate Gift a while ago. Both Zach and I liked it and cried:)

Kim said...

What a great idea for your blog, I will be checking it often. Our movie tastes are very similar.