Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fact #83

Several years ago, a good friend of mine offered me a couple of workout tapes that she thought my back could handle. She was right and I started using them. Eventually, I took off a lot of weight thanks to those tapes and the many, many more I purchased after that to keep my routine from getting monotonous.

Fact #83:

I Walk Away the Pounds.
Only to gain them back and then walk them off again.
Etc, etc....
All of the over one dozen tapes I now own are from Leslie Sansone and feature "a system of walking based moves that allow you to choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... or more... MILES of walking... and you don't have to leave the area in front of your TV or computer!"
Even if I don't have weight to lose, when I use the tapes I can tell a difference in my attitude and energy levels. I gave my dad a couple of tapes and he lost a bit of weight at one point too. They really do work and they're not very difficult at all.


mochamama said...

I lost 20 pounds last year and reached lifetime at WW in july. I felt on top of the world and looked it too. Since Christmas I have gained 14 pounds back and I feel every pound of it. I thought I was cured!! I have recently gotten back into a walking program and am hoping to be back at goal by the summer. Keeping this weight off is definately a lifetime job!!

Michelle said...

I've hear about these video's. I'll have to go look

Patti Gingrich said...

Leslie's walking workout is the best. I pulled my DVDs out again over spring break. I'm hoping to keep at it all summer!