Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fact #82

I love flowers.
My favorite flower changes like the wind. I just love them all really. I like to have fresh cut flowers in my home. But, my hubby knows, I'd rather he not spend a lot of money on them!

Always at the top of my favorite flower list is lilacs. I love their color, their softness and their heady scent!

One of my favorite sites is driving down a highway that is crowded with wildflowers along the roadside! Is it illegal to stop and pick those?


mochamama said... utmost favorite flower. I wish they were available all year long but maybe that's why I love them so much because they are only available a short period of time!ooohhh i can almost smell them

Rose Ann said...

I love lilacs too! Well...pretty much all flowers, but lilacs have the most lovely fragrance!!

Misplaced Texans said...

Just be sure it's not the state flower you are picking and it will be ok! We stop and take pictures of the bluebonnets on the side of the roads in Texas, but be sure not to pick them! We do pick the poppies, though!

Misplaced Texans said...

Oh.. and I tagged you back! You make MY day, too!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I love flowers too... I just can't grow'em. The soil in Calgary is pretty much clay and mud? How do you work with that???

Michelle said...

I wish I lived in an area with all the beautiful wild flowers! Love them!