Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend in Review

I was away from the house and my computer most of the weekend. So, I have no projects to share yet today.

Our weekend however, was eventful.
On Saturday, Kevin and I took our sweet 16 year old to Atlanta and put her on a plane to Kansas for her spring break. She's staying with her best friend Caitlin.

I'm going to miss her like crazy!
It's just me and Kevin for the week in an empty nest

Kevin and I stopped at the JCPenney Outlet Center and the Tanger Outlet on the way home.
We shopped our little hearts out.

My godbabies needed jammies and I was on a mission. (I love having a mission.)We ended up purchasing 27 pair of pajamas. Some for now and some for later of course. But most of those were from Carters at a little over $3 a pair! At The Children's Place we found prices from 49 cents up. We didn't spend more than $4 on much of anything. Besides the twins, we bought some clothes for some of the other children in our lives too. We had a ton of fun.
At church on Sunday, my "little Punkin" Ashton

had his baby dedication and we were there.
After church, we spent the afternoon with our adopted family. I didn't take pics, but I do have a couple that their mom sent me.
Aren't they cute?

Look at this face.

She's absolutely adorable.
I nickname all the babies in my life, and I call this gorgeous baby "Precious".
I love kids!!

Have a great week.
I'll be back!


Cindi said...

Wow girl, you hit some bargains. We used to have a Tanger outlet a few hours away, but it was hit by a tornado and not rebuilt. I definetly miss it.

Deborah said...

Love those outlets! Sounds like a fun weekend! Deb

Peggy said...

Cute pictures! I am saving my clothes pic for WW.
You know, I had a thought when I went to Church and was talking to the nursery satff. (I did not bring the babies) You have a special gift with kids. Perhaps God wants you to serve as a volunteer in the nursery? Or a preschool teacher? Have you ever thought of that?

Rose Ann said... fun!! I love all of your pics! What cuties!