Monday, March 31, 2008

Fact #67

I hate all bugs.... but, especially JUNE BUGS!

And there is a funny story about June Bugs I can tell you.
Once when my hubby and I were first married (22 years ago) he was driving down the street and I was in the passenger seat. He says I started screaming, "Help...Pull the car over!!" He thought I was hurt or something. He pulled over as fast as he could and I jumped out of the car still screaming. The problem was there was a "gigantic" June Bug in the car and I am deathly afraid of those things. They are creepy and make noise and I have NO idea why God created them. They just creep me out!
Kevin was a bit upset with me for almost getting us in a car accident because of a bug! But he tells this story often and it does seem a bit funny all of these years later.

After googling June Bug images, I decided a picture of bugs was not necessary for this fact. So, I played around in Photo Shop and made this...
How many bugs can you find in the picture? Let's make it fun. If you're right, I'll give you an extra entry in the drawing for Butterfly Kisses tomorrow!
Have a Great (bugless) Day!

ETA: There were 10 bugs in the pic.
I remade the pic with the bugs in black to give you an idea:


Karla said...

Aparently I need new bifocals! I saw 0 bugs in that picture. I even brought in Ethan and he saw 0 bugs! Oh well, have a great week, and Happy April tomorrow!

M. H. said...

7? I'm not sure, though. Some other stuff looked buggy.

Tejal said...

ummm 6 bugs?

i looked so hard, I thought most of it was moving!!!

Becky in East Tennessee said... bout 3??

So tell me....does a Butterfly freak you out in real life??

Peggy said...

I think 5. That was really hard!

Anonymous said...

I think 8???

Lastel said...

I think there night possibly be 7 bugs !

Misplaced Texans said...

Wow.. my eyes are not what they once were! I can't see any! But then again, there could be thousands! :-)
I can't believe how grownup Caitlin and Katie look! I wish I could find that picture of the three of us in full make up! That night was SO much fun!

ChristlMC said...

wow - tough

I'm saying 6 bugs! Thanks for the extra chance (that is... if I'm right! LOL)