Monday, March 24, 2008

The Week in LP Review! (Long Post/Lotsa Pics)

Where do I start? We had so much fun this last week when my best friend Peggy and our 3 amazing godchildren were here! I thought I would post a week of pics in review. But I don't know if Blogger will be crazy about how many pics I want to post. We'll see......
The week started with me flying out to DC so I could drive down here with Peg and the kids to be some help on the road. Here I am playing with the babies in their "toy pit". It sure looks bigger when I am not in it!
On the road.....

It was a 15 hour trip.
The babies and Zach did very well.
Katie was so excited to see us..... well, the babies anyway!

We arrived one day early on Thursday as the radar looked a bit scary for Friday. Kevin had to work on Friday(our Pajama day!), but he hurried home in time to feed the babies by 5!

We cooked out several times while Peg was here!

We also went out to eat at my favorite BBQ place....Sonny's!

On Sunday we went to church...

And then came home with our kids we keep on Sundays. Then it was race time! We bought the twins (#8/Dale Jr) racing outfits to watch the race with Kevin!We had a long day. It was fun, but boy were the babies tired!Monday was St Patty's day!And Peg and I went to this renovated Georgia homestead made into a spa called The Veranda. Courtesy of Peggy, (thank you, BFF!) we had pedicures done by 2 sweet girls named Tiffany and Shelly. Peggy chose a cool blue ("You Gotta Have This Blue") and I had a hot shade of pink ("India Mood for Love").Later that evening, we played "Boxers to Briefs".... a highly recommended FUN game. Faith did not want to go to bed so stayed up a little longer than Brandon. She was okay after a dose of Tylenol, some teething gel and a kiss from mom.
On Tuesday, we drove to Atlanta to see Coca Cola World. {Peg is an avid Coke collector with an awesome red Coca Cola kitchen.}
Doesn't Zach look like this little boy on the sign?
Faith was not exactly excited when I put her in this guy's mixing bowl. Sorry, Faith.We had a quiet day at home on Wednesday.
I played with Peg's Cricut a bit.
Zach took a bubble bath. And of course, we played with the babies!

Peg's last day was pretty much reserved for packing and such. Peg and I did sneak away for a little shopping. AND Zach and I had our traditional outing for ice cream. Something we try to do each time we're together!
After dinner on the grill, Zach and I played games and Kevin and Zach made S'mores!

We had the best week! The twins were the perfect age for this visit. They were SO much fun.I didn't have much time for crafting and stamping, but I hope to do lots more of that THIS week!


Jackie said...

It sure looks like you had a great time and those babies are adorable! Sonny's is my favorite BBQ place, too - love the sweet BBQ sauce!

Misplaced Texans said...

What a fun time!! I can only imagine the memories that were made!

Peggy said...

I love this post!! I love all the pics! I haven't even SEEN some of them! I think it is HILARIOUS that you posted the pic of Zach in the tub. LOL He is a little embarrassed, but not too much:)
We had so much fun and miss you guys so much! I wish this could be an annual event!

Michelle said...

Great post! It looks like you had alot of fun!

Deborah said...

Great pictures Angel! Looks like a scrapbook is on the horizon! Deb

Tammy M said...

What a great way to spend time with the kids. I absolutly enjoyed seeing all the cute pictures and hearing about your trip. I look forward each day to learning something new on your website. Whether it be a new fact about you, or new stamping techniques. You are great to share all of this with your readers. Thank you.

Warren said...

Loved your week in review.
You are truly blessed.