Monday, March 10, 2008

Fact #46


It's been a part of our lives since the boys were little. We've watched hundreds of races (on TV). But, Saturday was the first race we actually got to see live. It was great! It wasn't a Cup race, but it was still very cool. And worth the wind, freezing temps and SNOW we endured to get the tickets FREE. We worked at the track once again helping park cars. This time Katie came too. I didn't take my camera out to the parking lot, but I sure wish I had. We certainly picked the wrong shift! We worked from 7-10 AM. And we actually had blizzard conditions out there! The wind was blowing so hard and it started snowing HUGE flakes of snow. (They were gorgeous too. I actually had the time to sit and marvel at the different shaped flakes before they melted.) It was pretty unbelievable. It was the first time I had seen snow here in Georgia. And my face actually got wind burnt! It was crazy. A few hours later we sat in the stands watching the race with the sun shining down on us. It didn't warm up too much, but it was a pretty day!
When we first started watching the races (1990), I picked Rusty Wallace to root for. (Like I said before, it's easier to get into the sport if you have a team to cheer for!) But, hubby was a Dale Earnhardt fan from the get-go and it was hard not to like the #3! So, Dale soon won me over. We were so sad when he died. We were sitting there watching the race and when he hit the wall, Kevin KNEW. He has this sixth sense about things like that. Dale Jr. took over as the driver we cheer for. But to be honest, I really like Carl Edwards! It's so exciting to see him win and do that back flip!

Matt Kenseth won the race. Did you know that means FREE fries at Hardees today? Just bring in a news article that shows he won.
Here you can see he did a burn out right in front of us! Cool!

We were rooting for the #5- Dale Jr's Nationwide Series car. He wound up 14th after a crash late in the race.Katie and I were C-O-L-D! Thank goodness Kevin was smart and bought us hand warmers! I had a pair in my shoes and in my gloves!

Here is Kevin at the race..... you can barely see in the pic, but Dale Jr is in his pit as the race was under a red flag due to his run-in with the #24.

Have a GREAT week, friends!

P.S. Do you like my signature? Katie showed me how!


Lori Craig said...

Great pictures!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time.

Wife2TJ said...

Seems you like guys had a wonderful time. I love going to the races and I live right near Lowe's motor speedway! Glad you had fun!

SueB said...

I'm enjoying reading the facts ... and I'd just today learned this tip from Arby's and have a link to share w ya - see

later, alligator!
- SueB of

Monica-FC said...

I love how you did your signature. how did you do that>?? can you tell please. many thnaks.

Peggy said...

When you said you were going to a race I didn't know it was a REAL race! Wow! How exciting!
I have used those hand/feet warmers before while sledding. They are amazing!
LOVE the siggy, of course I have one too cause I copy everything you do. LOL See you in a few hours!!!

Rose Ann said...

Oh my goodness!! How fun! Thanks for sharing, Angel!! I love your siggy too!!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What an awesome time y'all must have had. (See I can be American too! LOL) I wish we could take our boys to a race - that would be awesome. There's a race in Vancouver every year but unfortunately it's not in a track like you have there. It's around buildings and such and you can barely see anything. Not the same! I'm jealous of everything that is offered in the U.S. You know us here in Canada just have our Eskimo Sledding and all eh! Just kiddin. How was your back with all that cold?