Monday, February 4, 2008

Fact #11

I'm an Air Force wife and so proud to have served at my husband's side for the last 19 years. There have been months and years that we have missed Kevin as he's served far and wide and had to leave us behind. Desert Shield and Desert Storm were as difficult a time as we have ever had. He was one of the first to leave and just one week after he left we found out we were expecting a baby.

He'll most likely retire next year. He is a Master Sergeant and Shop Chief and I am SO proud of him.
Our family has been stationed at only 3 bases (Kevin was also stationed for the year of 2006 unaccompanied in Korea). We've lived in Virginia, Kansas and now Georgia.
And just minutes ago I got a phone call from hubby. He told me we have 5 choices of where we will go next. His squadron here in Georgia is shutting down in June and we will be one of the last to leave. States we have to choose from include California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and South Carolina and ETA- New Mexico. We've been anxiously awaiting this news and we need to decide today! I'm off to research these bases. If you have some advice, I would gladly hear it.
A Military Wife's Prayer

Give me greatness of heart to see,
The difference between duty and his love for me.
Give me understanding so that I may know,
When duty calls him, he must go.

Give me a task to do each day,
To fill the time when he's away.
When he's in a foreign land,
Keep him safe in your loving hand.

And Lord, when duty is in the field,
Please protect him and be his shield.
And Lord, when deployment is so long,
Please stay with me and keep me strong.


Kate said...

Ft Dix or Ft. Monmouth in NJ?

Angel W said...

Actually it's McGuire AFB in NJ. Any review?

Kate said...

Oh right! I forgot about that one! (We were Army so I've never been there.) I only really know Ft. Monmouth but you'd be close to Philadelphia and Atlantic City if you were there!

Misplaced Texans said...

McGuire is only 2 1/2 hours from a certain Army base in New York!!!!

Kate said...

Ft. Hamilton?

Rose Ann said...

Best wishes with your decision! Wish I could help you. ;)

Robyn said...

Oh how exciting for you! We have been stationed at Fort Wainwright (Yup that is the northenmost post in the US of is -50 at night and highs of -30 during the day) take a warm duty station for me....I am praying for Ft Benning next!!

Good Luck and let the Lord guide you and you can't go wrong!


Alexandra said...

Ooh, time to move again - girl, have I been there! We moved 14 times in my 24-year career (Navy) and I just retired in September! I don't know much about the actual bases, but I love South Carolina - beautiful, the weather is good, lots to do, and cost of living is great! Where in CA?? I live in CA now...*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Peggy said...

I love these pics of Kevin!! (and you too:))

After thinking about it, I think all of these places are pretty cool! But I vote for SC.:)