Friday, November 30, 2007

Spare Bedroom

We've been getting ready for the kids to arrive and working on our spare bedroom. We had used that room as our "family" room with the couch and love seat that was in our basement in Wichita. But with Jake, Megan and Brian coming December 20th, we wanted to make it into an actual bedroom. The theme of the room is a log cabin feel and we found a rustic bedroom set that worked perfectly. Our mattress arrived today and Katie and I just finished setting it up.

I can't wait until the kids arrive!!


Deborah said...

Cozy cabin feel! LL Bean usually has Moose flannel sheet sets and they are offering free shiping now!

Misplaced Texans said...

I LOVE that room!!! Makes you want to cozy up with hot chocolate, sit in front of a fire place and watch the snow drift down! But I guess in GA, you'd have to watch it on TV!
Great looking room!!!

dd2njoy said...

Lovely,very comfie feeling when you see this!!!

Michelle said...

you do not look old enough to have kids that do not live at home!

Rose Ann said...

I love the cozy look of the room! How exciting to have the kids stay!

Patti Gingrich said...

Nice job on the room. The kids will love the cozy cabin feel. I know you can't wait for them to all be under one roof again...enjoy!

Dorene said...

I love the room. Where did you get the furniture from? We have been looking for months to find "the right" size furniture for our guest room in Colorado.

Looks like a great place to hang out.

Angel Wilde said...

Badcock's here in town is where we got the furniture. We looked all over as well. I know that when we lived in Wichita we saw some great "cabinesque" furniture.
Good luck!