Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing Something?

Have you ever looked at a card or project and thought to yourself...."It's missing something!"?While sometimes less IS more.... sometimes it just isn't! SO... I have started to compile a list. My list encompasses little things you can "do" to add that finishing touch to your card. I have started the list hoping you can help me add to it! If you think of something to ADD, let me know!
  • Round Corner(s)
  • Distress Edge(s)
  • Add Stickles
  • Add Glitter
  • Add a Photo Corner Punch
  • Ribbon (tie a bow, staple a piece on, wrap around card)
  • Air Art
  • Sponge ink on card edge or run along the edge with ink
  • Doodle a frame
  • Paper Pierce a corner or edge
  • Add button(s)
  • Use a background stamp (or 2) such as Linen, Canvas, Sanded,
  • Pop something up (even one word of your sentiment in another color)
  • Hang a Tag

Can you think of anything else? Comment here and leave your idea(s) and I will update with your suggestions!


~ Jayme ~ said...

Well, lets see...

You have brads and flowers, Chipboard shapes or letters, eyelets, ummmmm and I think that's all I can think of at the momment. I need coffee to think....LOL I'm thinking about making a list and posting it on my table so I can check it out while I'm creating. I might post something on my blog. And then maybe people can add things that I don't have, that I should go buy. ;)

Krisstee said...

Maybe pump up the image a bit with a rust colored mat; a color to match the strip under the brads. To my eye........which is not always is such a nice image; it deserves to be framed."Pump" it up.........LOL

Peggy said...

How about a pocket? To hold a tag or bag of confetti or tea bag....

This is a great list! I can use this list for scrapbooking. A lot of your card ideas double as scrapbooking ideas:)

Hey, you must have commented on my blog this morning as I was posting. I have posted pics of Zach too if you want to look!

Linda F. said...

Thanks for this list, Angel! I'll be using it a lot, I'm sure!

I always go for my bling-box (filled with every kind of rhinestone and shiny thing I can get my hands on!). And on my scrapbook layouts, I seem to go for a chipboard arrow. Don't ask me why! it just works!

Shannon McGann said...

Great list - thanks for the ideas!

Brenmarie said...

Brads, eyelets, staples, decorative cut edges... I find it easier to have a list of things that I could add too. They are so much help!

Melissa M. M. M. said...

What an ingenious idea!! I would have never thought to make a list for cards. Makes total sense now that you mention it! tfs, :0) Mel