Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creative Bloggers

Imagine my surprise when I saw that I was nominated by Rachel for the Creative Blogger Award. Rachel is too sweet. I love her blog and visit her often.
You can read more about the award here. But, from what I understand, I am supposed to pass it on to 5 more bloggers. Just 5? Okay, I'll try to narrow it down!
Rose Ann of "Paper Delightz"
VERY Creative and SO sweet. Here cards are little works of art!
Maria of "Card Inspired"
Maria is always amazing me with her talent!
Lori of "Make a Difference"
A member of the CHF design team- With due reason!
I'm so proud to call Lori one of my closest friends
Tracy of Misplaced Texans
Another great friend, Tracy is so creative
and can easily figure out those most difficult projects.
Julie of Paper Pleasing Ideas
She has easy to understand super tutorials and seems SO down to earth!
Julie is also going in for major surgery and could use some love!
Go say hi or better yet send her a card!
Those are my 5 nominations for Creative Blogger Award!
Thanks again, Rachel!


Rose Ann said...

You deserve this award, and most certainly are a VERY creative blogger!! I love your work, Angel!

Thanks so much for the nomination as well!

Anonymous said...

woe is what i'll say.
since you are such a creative blogger I thought you can help me.
I am new as a blogger though consider myself quite creative. Can you please give me a feedback about my blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

woe is what i'll say


what I meant was , "wow is what i'll say".

A single alphabet wrong changes the meaning of the whole word