Friday, October 19, 2007

On the Subject of Scraps

I set up the poll recently because I was curious how many of you save your scraps. I am not surprised that most of you who took the poll save most of your scraps and use them often. Another popular answer was to save every scrap possible and use them on nearly every project. That was my vote as well. I truly believe that if I didn't save almost every scrap, I could never afford my hobby. And after many years of saving scraps, you would think I would have them coming out my ears. But, I don't. And the reason is I use them! And I use them because they are readily accessible to me.
I thought I would share all of the ways I have saved and organized my scraps over the years. I started out saving my scraps by color category. All of my blues were in one gallon sized Ziploc, all of my greens in another, etc. That bag started to overflow so I bought 4 of those pendaflex files and divided them according to color group and every color had it's own slot. That worked well after I added a folder inside to put the scraps in so they wouldn't get mixed up. They outgrew those files and I put them into 2 large plastic boxes made for files. Next, a good friend gave me a desk that had a HUGE drawer for hanging files and I put all of my scraps in that drawer, each color having a hanging file. They were at my fingertips and I enjoyed that desk immensely. But when we moved, I gave up the desk to downsize. Now, here we are in Georgia and I think I have the best scrap system yet!! I took pictures for you!

My cardstock is kept in those nice office paper organizers. Each color has a slot. The smallest size of cardstock I keep loose in the slot is 1/2 sheet and those are generally on top, then full sheets and then a file folder that has all of my scraps in it for that color.

This is great for my 48 colors. I have 2 more paper organizers on the other side of the room where I keep my neutrals, in-colors and retired colors.
I also have a little rolling wire cart that I keep some of my necessities in. It's right behind my desk.
This is where I have my neutral scraps... white, vanilla and naturals all are in plastic "envelopes" that snap shut. I rarely reach for a whole sheet of white cardstock if I don't need a very large piece. I use my white scraps a LOT! They are easily accessible!

Scraps of designer scrapbook papers are another story. I am still trying to figure out what the best way is to organize my DP. But, for now, I keep all of my larger pieces in 12x12 plastic drawers. Smaller than 1/4 of a sheet I throw in this plastic briefcase I picked up at a yard sale. I look through it before I cut into a new sheet!

And then I have this little case of what I call "elements". Most of them are stamped images or ideas that never got off the ground. Some day I hope to have an elements swap, so start saving yours in a shoebox or something!

When we lived in Kansas, I was so embarrassed because of the shape of my stamp room. I had a great room, which is more than I had ever had before. But I didn't utilize the space. Now, I feel like I know where everything is at and I have fun stamping! I clean off my desk between projects and put everything back in it's place. That makes it so much easier to make something. (pics of my stamp room are in my Splitcoast gallery here.)
What about you? Do you have any organization tips to share??? I would LOVE to hear them. I'll put together a little blog candy...ribbons, embellishments, flowers....all of that good stuff. Just leave your best tip here and I will draw a winner on Monday!
It's my birthday in 19 days... WOOHOO!!


Robyn said...

Great paper storage! It looks a lot like mine. Great blog!

Kathy W said...

Angel, I love those plastic envelopes with the snaps. Perfect for scraps. I don't have any great tips (came to your blog to help me organize). Right now with DP, I try to keep scraps organized by designer with the exception of holiday DP that is its own group. I use big ziplocks that are "clipped" onto tagboard in front of the whole sheets in a file drawer. Pretty crude system, but I tend to use the scraps more that least it works for me. Thanks for sharing your system!

Tejal said...

Holy cow!! what an amazing collection of CS. There will be a day when my CS collection will come close to resembling yours...drooling right now. Coz I don't get DP over here..and such gorgeous CS is just unheard of...amazing!

Pat S. said...

[my comment didn't post, so I will try again]

Hi Angel! Thank you for offering us a chance to win goodies!

I love your storage ideas...thanks for sharing!

I also store my solid color scraps in hanging files. For the DP, I use those plastic envelopes that snap (like you use for your neutrals). When I first buy the dp, it goes into an envelop. Any scrap that I have left goes back into the same envelop. I have labeled the envelops across the top and store them in a banker's storage box. Works for me :)

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh my gosh, too funny is right!!! Were we on the same wave length or what!!! As you know, I also posted today on my blog on how I organize my papers and scraps!!! Great photos -- TFS!!!

Melissas said...

I also have all my paper scraps in divided folders. Sorted by color family. DP is sorted in it's own file also sorted by color. Because I don't have all that much (relatively new to stamping) this system works so far... My other trick is to clean up my space after each session. It's easier to start stamping when I don't have to clean first! Thanks for sharing!

Shelby said...

I struggled FOREVER to find a ribbon storage system that works for me. Now, I don't have as much as a lot of people, but I do have a fair bit of ribbon. Finally, IKEA gave me the solution I was looking for. I have a bar attached to my wall, with two of these hanging off of it:
All of my ribbon spools fit in there, and then I have a smaller, deeper basket in which I have grosgrain ribbon from a share wound around clothespins. There's more ribbon on clothespins in a couple of jars that I got from IKEA (everything sorted according to my "unique" system), and the most awesome thing about the baskets I have?? You can pin clothespins underneath them, so that there's extra ribbon storage there for the ribbons I use most frequently. I love love love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Your system looks terrific! I am a paper lover and hoarder, am I alone? I don't have a room to stamp, so cs is in cart drawers, su cs is in a file box in their wrapped packages standing up with lid, and scraps in file folders (I can never find the colour scrap when I need it in a pinch tho), and dp, old stuff in one 12x12 craft keeper, and some new in another, scraps and all... oh help!!!

Brenmarie said...

I use old suitcases for my scraps of paper. I'm a storage nut so when ever I find something I like I make it work as a storage container for me. There is one thing that I really like for eyelets and brads. Daily pill containers that you screw to the bottom of the other when they are empty. I really like them.

doverdi said...

Great storage system. I use a lot of 12x12 pp & have purchased the acylic paper holders for it. I have it sorted by categories the best I can. Plain cs is sorted & organized in the cropper hoppers. For my SU 8 1/2 x 11 I found the greatest paper organizer at a yard sale this summer for $10. It has shelves for 5 cs on one side the middle has 3 drawers and then the other side has 5 more shelves. So for now all my SU is stored there. Other plain cs is stored in my filing cabinet. Scraps in baggies in a bucket. So far this works for me. My tip is to label everything & do keep stuff out where you can see it.

Brenda said...

Wow, what an amazing storage system! I still keep my paper scraps in ziploc bags, assorted by color. Thanks for sharing!
~Brenda H.

Lindsay said...

I loved reading about your scrap system! I guess my best tip for the DP is to keep the scraps with the rest of the (whole sheets of) paper from the same line. I keep most of my papers by brand, subdivided by line, so I just slip the scraps back in with them when I'm done. Works for me and they tend to get used better this way. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh, one more tip that I think is really cool - I use a set of clear glass spice jars on a spinning base to sort my brads. I separate them by color, put patterned ones together, and so forth. It has 8 jars which seems to work pretty well for me. I also reuse those Prima flower jars for brads/eyelets as well.

Misplaced Texans said...

Hey Angel! My first post didn't take, so I'll try it again. :-)
I really like your stamp room! (I liked your room in Kansas, too!) For now, I'll be content in my little "stamp corner" in the kitchen... maybe some day!!!
As for scraps, I keep all my papers in portable file boxes... and my DP in expandable folders (I don't have many of them, yet!) and all the scraps go right back in the folder they came from. That way before I pull out a large one, I can look through my scraps.

I also find that if I clean up after each project, and even if I have to leave one in the middle of it, I am more organized when I come back. I keep all my "cards in progress" in one of the XL plastic stamp boxes from SU so I know where all the materials are... pre-cut paper, stamped images, cut ribbon, so when I come back it's all in one spot.

With my stamps, I put stickers on the outside of the boxes relating to what they are so I can find something quick at a glance... ie: christmas stickers on the christmas stamps, flowers on the flower sets, easter, fall... I have the labels on the boxes, too, but sometimes it's easier to look for the stickers and then check the names so I'm not running down the whole stack. (I have them seperated by size of boxes so they all fit on the shelves I have for them.)
I can't wait to see what else I can do for organizing from everyone else!!

Ema said...

Wow, I got some great ideas from you regarding scrap storage. I can't wait to get back to NH and try them out. The only storage tip I can think of, is that I also categorize my PPs by color first and then by size. This is my first time to visit your blog and I love the tips! Thanks for sharing!

Deborah said...

Everything mentioned above are all great oraganizing tips to be sure! Angel, your system is logical very nice! I think it is good to be able to actually see your paper for inspiration depending on ones mood on any given day. My ribbon fits nicely into tubberware containers (Wal Mart) and since all the ribbon is the same size, I get two rolls deep and place them by color per container. "Onsie" stamps, I also store in tupperware containers and label them on the top and front by season or theme. Wonderful goodies as always! Deb

Scrappy Moments said...

Wow, Your so Oraganized, Thanks for sharing your tips.

Thank You for visiting my blog too.


Jane said...


If you visit my blog and go back to July(ish) I did several threads on organization and pictures of my stamp area.

I think my favorite purchase so far has been what I use for my mini brads ('cause I LOVE mini brads!) I got the containers at Oriental Trading Company and they are clear boxes with little tic-tac type boxes inside. So you can see all your colors easily.

Another favorite is rain gutter for my rolls of ribbon. I got tired of trying to get spools off my dowels after the ribbon ran out. Now I can just grab the whole roll off easily.


Tricia said...

I actually have all my scraps divided by color family in page protectors in a big three ring binder that I set on the floor by my stampin desk. I make myself check that first before I cut into a new sheet.

My best storage, though, is a 7 drawer wooden cabinet that I got on sale at Joann Fabrics. It holds all my everyday supplies - ink pads, coloring supplies, adhesives, cutting supplies, embossing, embellishments, ribbon, etc. I know don't keep as much as some people... I just don't have the room! :)

rebecca said...

I'm relatively new to this stamping hobby, so I was a bit overwhelmed to see the progression that may be in store for me -- tee hee! I love organization and organization ideas, so really enjoyed your ideas. I have 2 roll around carts, but can see more in my future. One has 2 drawers for hanging files, which I divide by color and/or paper type (i.e., vellum has its own file). The other has 5 smaller drawers where I keep the few stamp sets I have, ink pads, a few punches, embellishments, etc. I, too, can see that I will be needing more later. I'm able to put these under a work area I created from 2 larger (and higher) Rubbermaid chest-type drawer units that I've put a solid door across that was recycled when the front door was replaced. It's huge, solid and flat -- the perfect work area, though I could do with a bigger work room. Keep the ideas coming. I'm learning lots from everyone. Thanks for letting me play along.

Pat S. said...

Hi Angel! Thank you for offering us a chance to win goodies!

I love your storage ideas...thanks for sharing!

One thing I could add to your storage solution are the file folder tabs that are the same color as the card stock. I think I saw them on SCS...I'll see if I can find the specific post.

I use them on my hanging files. That way, instead of reading color names I am just looking at colors. That makes it easier for me.