Monday, August 20, 2007

Too Early?

I have to admit, my hubby was a little argumentative when I asked him to get my Autumn decorations from the attic. He said it was too early, but I insisted. I had to threaten to go up and get them myself. He let me get up to the top of the ladder and look around a bit and then he got to call my bluff as I really wasn't going to go all the way up. It's probably 120* up there easy!

You can see by my new blog banner, that I just love fall decor. I especially LOVE pumpkins and I have lots of 'em!
But is it too early for fall decorating? Not for me. :-)

I took a few pictures of the fireplace to share with you.
And here is a close-up of the mantle.

And my favorite new decor thing of this year is those bags of chunky potpourri! Have you seen them? They are so cool. My friend Shelly gave me some of her bag when we were in Wichita. I love it! I had to buy a bag at Hobby Lobby last weekend when I was there with my friend Paula. That one bag went a long way. I put some of it in my bathroom, and some in Katie's bathroom and then used some in this tin bucket/basket in front of the fireplace. And I still have half a bag left!
You can't see the potpourri here so much as the silk leaves and the pine cones and sticks I collected from my front yard. This was fun to make.
Today was picture day at Katie's school. I dropped her off. She was so pretty. I wish again that I would have taken pictures. Maybe when she gets home I will.
I've got a busy day and hope to get some stamping done as well, so I better get off of here and get my workout in.
Have a blessed day!


Beth said...

The way I look at is... Seasonal decorating, as much as we love it, does require a certain amount of work so why not enjoy it as long as we can. It stays hot so long here in Alabama, mother nature can be quite late in "decorating" so I like to help her along a bit with my home decor!

Tracy.H said...

I too love Fall decorations. But this year I am just not ready for Fall. We have had such a nice summer this year that I don't want it to end yet!! It already feels like Fall :0(

Love your pics though. :0)

Rose Ann said...

Your mantle looks beautiful! I don't think it's too early to decorate for Fall either! Have a wonderful day!

stampingranny said...

If you are feeling it, go with it! The fall palette is one of my favorites to be surrounded by. Enjoy! Deb

~Carla~ said...

Looks beautiful!!! I'll keep summer for a while longer if I have a choice! ;)

Michelle said...

Love the decorations. However, I refuse to consider fall until Sept. 1st! LOL!
I agree with the person who said seasonal decorationg is a lot of work so we might as well enjoy it as long as we can...I begin my Winter decorations mid-November (that includes my tree) and it stays up until mid-February!

Michelle said...

I love fall!! Its my favorite time of year. Its still 100 degree's where I live! too early to get in the mood