Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yummy Summer Treat

I love Chai tea. My wonderful friend Paula turned me on to it several years ago and it's something special the 2 of us would share as often as we could. We'd usually try to get together once a week to have a cup and share a time of prayer together. I miss those times!
One hot summer day we decided to try our Chai a little differently. Paula is the brains behind this Chai Smoothie. I don't particularly care for yogurt...heck, I can't stand yogurt, so this is not my idea. BUT, you don't have the yogurt taste and this is a great treat. Here's all you do:
Chai Smoothie
1 scoop powdered chai drink mix
6 oz vanilla yogurt (any kind works)
1 glass crushed ice
Blend in blender or smoothie maker. Enjoy!


Misplaced Texans said...

Yummmy!! That looks good! You got me started on the Chai thing and now I can't find many places around here that make it! I can't stand yogurt either, but I know I need to eat it, so this may just be the trick! Gotta go find me some Chai mix now!

Toni said...

That Sounds Yummy. I love Chai and I love smoothies. What better combo?!