Friday, June 29, 2007

Lovin Estate Sales!

I went to an estate sale this morning since I couldn't find any yard sales open until tomorrow. This estate sale was the jackpot! The homeowner was apparently a crafter for years and years and years- with rooms of crafts. I spent $14 and brought home all kinds of stuff. I could have spent more, but I had my tired DD with me who kept telling me...."You don't need that." Always the voice of reason. As I looked around though I did realize that some day there may be an estate sale at my home and people would be shaking their heads saying...."She was crazy!". I really do have all I need and then some! A good reason to stay out of Hobby Lobby and Michaels and not worry about getting my hands on that new SU Catty. (Well, that may be going a little too far....heehee.)
This Air Art tool and kit was a great find for $3 and that BIG book is a Webster's Dictionary from 1959. I have a feeling it's worth the money I spent and then some. It's one with lots of pictures so I thought I might dare to tear it up for collaging....maybe.
I've got a COOL idea for the wedding rehearsal dinner party favors and have been collecting lots of little things and that shoebox has buttons in lots of shapes.
For my friend, Paula I have another shoe box not pictured that is stuffed with quilt binding, bias tape and elastic.
Who doesn't love Gooseberry patch books? These were only $1 each.
I only had $20 with me.....probably a very good thing.
I plan on another post today... with an easy peasy masculine card that I really like.


Michelle said...

Wow, how cool! I never find craft stuff at yard sales! Looks like you got lots of cool things!

Nancy Grant said...

Wow!!! What great finds! Lucky you!