Friday, November 19, 2010

A Wrist Pin Cushion

I am adding a new label to my posts! Sewing Projects! This is my first sewing project that I did all by myself on the sewing machine my friend Paula gave me. And I made it for her! I used the tutorial found here on Tea Rose Home. But I originally found the idea at Delia's blog here.
Paula is a teacher and the mascot at the school where she works is the Jaguar. So I chose Jaguar fabric for the cushion and matched it to a black scrap from a box of fabric scraps from a yard sale. It wasn't perfect for sure, but I think Paula liked it!
I hope to share more sewing projects soon!


Creative Mish said...

So cute. what a great idea

Monica-FC said...

how cool this is and fun. do you have a tutorial on this.

Rose Ann said...

This turned out great, Angel!! I love the fun fabric, and how useful as well!! I'm sure Paula loved it!!