Monday, November 22, 2010

Flower Trio

I recently packaged a lot of embellishments (such as the ones on this card) to sell at a local craft fair. Sadly, none of the packaged embellishments sold. When I got home and decided to use some of them, I was actually glad! I had stuck them onto a clear acrylic sheet with a glue dot thinking they would just pop off when they were used. THEY DIDN'T! They were stuck good! So I had to carefully pry them off. Now I will be using them on my own personal projects. I may make a bunch of cards such as this one to sell next time. The embellishments are made so it should be easy enough!
Hope you are having a blessed day!


Mickie said...

Nice card Angel! And be careful with those glue dots, they DO stick!

Tejal said...

Its been a really long time that I stopped by your blog (almost 2 yrs) and I read that so many wonderful things have been happening in your! you're a grand-mum now! so amazing! such a sweet blessing!

I actually thought of you when I was going through the scrap stash I'd gotten from you! yup its still going strong!!

looking forward to catching up on your blog..


Monica-FC said...

so nice and easy. love easy when it comes to cards. :)