Friday, February 12, 2010

Mini Valentines

I have some little tiny envelopes. They are about 2 1/4" x 4".
I decided to use those little envelopes and make valentines to go in them for my TOPS girls. Our TOPS group is named the OWLS (Operation Weight Loss Sisters) and we recently ordered a custom stamp off Etsy that says our chapter name and info in a circle around this little owl.

I punched out the owl and made these Valentines with him holding a punched heart. The Owls are on a shimmery paper. You can see it better in the 2nd picture. Each Valentine was a little different.

Their size reminds me of the Valentines we would give to fellow classmates as children.
So I decided to make small ones for my Godchildren as well.
I cut the little postage stamp style pictures from a 12x12 sheet of them and decorated each card to match.
They were fun to make!
Thanks for stopping by today!
It's my son Brian's 22nd birthday! WOW... how the years FLY!
I'll be back with more Valentines tomorrow!


Rose Ann said...

They're so cute, Angel!

~Q~ said...

They are adorable, Angel! Love the little postage stamp style cards too!