Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the Subject of Christmas Cards.....

I nearly forgot about my survey. I was curious about how many people still send out cards. The numbers are probably a little skewed on this card maker's blog, but....
The results?
Most people (58%) say that they send cards to ALL of their friends and family.
36% say they send Christmas cards to their family and a few close friends.
One person said they have never sent cards and another said they send cards to whoever sends them one.
I really think that more and more people are choosing not to send cards these days. The reason is probably the cost of postage. And the time it takes too. We are SO busy these days.
I sent over 130 and received 49. A few were stamped and several were my personal favorite... the picture cards. I just love those. There were some gorgeous cards too. One had a packet of seeds inside with the cutest poem about how they planned to send a tree.
So, what do you do with those cards?
I love my friend Shelley's idea of having a basket of cards near their dining room table. Each night they pick a card and pray for the sender(s) at their evening meal.
I save my cards from year to year and usually put them with my Christmas decorations with a band around them labeled with the year. One of these days I will make something cool with them. Any ideas? When I was in the 4th grade (I think) we made placemats by cutting circles out of the pictures on the cardfronts and gluing them together and laminating them. Kinda cool.
Here and Here are a few ideas I found on Google. Gotta love Google!
Back to the survey and a winner......
Only 8 comments so I had my hubby pick a number between 1 and 8 and he chose 7.
The winner is Chrystal. I'll get your RAK out this week, my friend!


Creative Mish said...

This year I sent out about 125 and received hardly any... about 10. I usually cover my entire door with them... I think it's sad that people don't spend the time to be personal... I got several greeting on Facebook and via Email but that just isn't the same.... They always say they love my homemade cards. Don't they think I love getting them too? :) I keep mine in a basket and get it out each year and just look at them. Like you I want to something with them some day..

Gina Wrona said...

Hi Angel,
I made 100 cards and sent out 90 of them, but did not no where near receive as many as I sent out.
I heard on the radio show I listen to driving into work that the dj and her mom make gift tags out of their recycled cards, which I'm going to try since I have so many SU punches, it should be a sinch!