Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend and remembered to fly your flag! We were busy with the house and yard. Kevin's been on the lookout for a riding mower. He had been looking on CraigsList and in the papers for a used one. Most of the ones he found were priced as much as a newer machine so we decided to go the new route. When we moved and changed our address with the post office we were sent a coupon to Lowe's for 10% off our entire purchase so off to Lowe's we went. Kevin got his riding mower and a new charcoal grill as we freecycled our last one instead of bringing it with us. (We had T-bones on the grill last night and they were delish! We've been a month without grill cooking and that's too long for us!)
Kevin and Katie promptly mowed the lawn as soon as we got home!

I bought a new bird feeder and some seed.
This morning I was able to get a good pic of one of the Tufted Titmouses (Titmice?) that found our feeders. I've got a bird field guide on order so I can identify more of the birds who find us! I think I may be getting older as I call this FUN!

We changed the "juice" in our hummingbird feeder since I read online that it doesn't last long in the heat. And this morning I have watched as our resident hummingbird has I am sure drank more than he weighs! We have one little hummingbird who believes he owns the feeder. He is quite territorial. He'll perch on a nearby branch and swoop down whenever another hummingbird tries to take a drink. We can now identify him and have named him "Flash". He's so much fun to watch!
We also bought a salt lick, but have not yet seen any deer. I am sure we will when the weather changes. We thought about buying a deer feeder, but are just too naive on the whole wildlife scene. Kevin and I are city kids wanting to be country folk! Any advice is welcomed. *wink*
I see it's almost noon and I've got lots of work to do both in my house and in my stamp room which is coming along. I am organizing my embellishments by color and am thinking it's going to make life a little easier! Kevin bought me a little cabinet (at Lowe's) to go under my window and it will hold my color coded embellishments quite nicely. I hope to have lots of creations to share with you this week.
Have a Happy Monday!


Rose Ann said...

Thanks for all of the updates, Angel!! It's great keeping up with you and what's going on. I've enjoyed watching birds for years, and I certainly don't consider myself old...lol. Just call us nature lovers. ;) Great pictures, by the way!

Deborah said...

I love the birdies we get here in southern California! The hummingbirds are very busy at the feeder all day long! There seems to be two that frequent the feeder the most. I have seen as many as 6 stopping by and waiting for their turn! As far as your good intentions for a salk lick for deer, I would not advise it! You will find they will eat all of your flowers and they get very bold and just destroy gardens. I know they are "cute" but you may want to rethink the salt lick! Glad you are settling in nicely! Cool new mower! Hugs, Deb

Peggy said...

COOL mower! Looks like fun!
What a pretty bird. I have got to get me a bird book. I was thinking of going to the local library to kill time with the babies - maybe I will look for some bird books. We still don't have any feeders either. But the birds, bees and butterflies all seem to enjoy the asian pears:)

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

I want to live where you live. I love watching birds and I wish that we had different kinds of birds here. Our choices are Magpies, Crows, Eagles (which I love), chickadees, robins and prairie birds. Those are the ones I see around our yard... though I'm sure if I venture out more and go to the bird sanctuary in town I would get to see a much larger variety but I would love to sit on our back deck and watch them!
Thanks for sharing.

JAR said...

Oh what fun pictures!!! I really love little birds!