Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Favorite!

My favorites feature would not be complete without mentioning my favorite cleaning tool of all times- The Mr Clean Magic Eraser. If you've never tried it you absolutely HAVE to try one. When we moved into the home we are now renting, I used this marvelous wonder on the refrigerator which was layered in grime. (I often wondered why they texture the outside of refrigerators.) And the handles? They were a dirt trap! But, my Mr Clean Eraser made the frig sparkle!
I am not kidding!
We also have white counter tops and the eraser takes off almost any stain with ease! Textured bathtub bottoms, scuffs on kitchen floors, even sneakers can look like new.
There are store brands now which offer similar products and I've found they work almost as well. But, Mr Clean also has a heavy-duty eraser which lasts quite a bit longer.
I have made the mistake of using my Mr Clean Eraser on a flat painted wall and it was not a good thing. So be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first.
You'll love this little tool!


Moosisk said...

I can't believe you have no other comments yet on this wonderful tool. I swear by my Mr.Clean Eraser. It is the only thing that would get scuff marks off our old vinyl floor in our old house. It is the best! We still use it in our new house, but no more vinyl floors. YAY! If you haven't tried it, run don't walk to the store right now and buy it!!!

Michelle said...

I've wondered how this works! I hvae a textured fridge and I have to get this now! Its so hard to keep clean!

Peggy said...

LOL! I just posted about how magic erasers were the ONLY thing that would wipe up our old white counter tops. They will also clean any little crayon or marker mess off the walls if you have a little artist! Scott and I used magic erasers to clean our baseboards when we moved out of the old house - they looked so good as if we repainted them. MAGIC!