Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Checkin In...

WARNING.... some rambling.... read only the bold unless you have time to kill.....
Well... I still can't get into my stamp room. I've been so busy trying to keep unloading boxes and making phone calls and all of the lovely moving tasks.
I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Katie as she started her senior year yesterday at a new school. I am happy to report that she had a great first day! She said she made more friends her first day here than she did the year and a half we spent in Georgia! Most people thought she was a freshman. Probably because she was new and she has a baby face too. I took her to school and was surprised to find myself crying as I drove out of the parking lot. I was so nervous for her. It reminded me of when I took her to kindergarten and cried on the way home from there as well. She IS my baby. And I must admit I am a big baby. I picked her up from school as well. But from now on she'll be riding the bus most of the time.
Let me tell you something really awful that happened last night. Kevin decided to hook up our washer and dryer. It seems like every time we move the dryer outlet is different and he has to end up changing the cord and plug. He did that just fine, Peg. (I know how you worry about electricity so I hope I didn't scare you there.) Then he proceeded to hook up the washer. After he had it all hooked up he started it and the water started backing up and gushed out all over. He turned it off and we started to clean up the mess. THEN we started smelling the worst smell. I walk into the kitchen to find sewage had backed up into and filled the kitchen sink. Ugh... it smelled horrible. Kevin went outside and took the cap off this outlet pipe and water flowed out. He had to plunge the kitchen sink and you should have seen the junk that came out of that pipe. Disgusting. We have someone coming out today to fix it. The property manager said that when a house has been vacant for some time there is a vent on the roof that sometimes scabs over and doesn't allow air out and causes backage like that. Hmmmm... weird! We also have to have someone out to fix our front door as it won't open. The phone is so staticky you can hardly hear so someone is coming to fix that. And then there are bugs. I found a pest control service that was quite reasonable and will have someone out as soon as I get paths cleared in all of the rooms.
Boxes and boxes and boxes.... I'm waiting for my local FreeCycle membership to come off pending status so I can donate them to someone who needs them. If you haven't heard of FreeCycle, it's a great way to unload things you no longer want/need. You simply post your items and someone responds who wants it and they come pick it up. Easy as pie. I've gotten rid of lots of things and when I was packing things up to put in storage I was able to get free moving boxes from someone in my last group.
On a more light and happy note, I have gotten 3 gorgeous "Thinking of You" cards in the mail this week. Thank you, Kelley, Deb and Kim! What a bright spot you have been in my week! I'll post those pics as soon as I can get more light (boxes in the way). And last night we found a great Italian restaurant called Sambino's that is just a couple of miles away! We ordered it and went and picked it up. The servings were so large that I'll be eating ziti for days! Yummy!
I better get some unpacking done. I hope to be in my stamp room by the beginning of next week and have projects to share!
Have a great week! And thanks for stopping by.....


"Jany" said...

Don't worry too much. I know how messy moving is. So, you might concentrate in just having things in its proper place. It is always interesting to read about you.


Sharon in NE said...

Oh Angel, so many things going on.(love FreeCycle as I love to get rid of stuff!)
Glad the first day of school went well for Katie!

Michelle said...

Just try to relax and take it one day at a time. In a few months you'll be laughing about it! Just remember these trials will only make you stronger

Peggy said...

1st - LOVE the new header! Very sweet:)
I am so happy Katie enjoyed her 1st day. Wonderful news!
Hmmm, yes - that was a scary statement about the dryer plug. LOL
Woah! A lot of house mishaps there! Just like us! Since you are renting, you shouldn't have to pay for these repairs, right? That's one good thing.
I told you I was going to call pest control too - they ended up calling me to see if I was ready yet. :)
Glad you found a yummy restaurant!
Of course - I am suffering over here being so close to TONYS - my FAVORITE! and yet being on a low carb - no pasta diet. SIGH
Of course I could order a salad or something else, but I am scared to go in. LOL
Luv U!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel. That's good that Katies' first day went so well. Sorry to hear about all the problems you're having with your new home. It's a very cute place you have. I'm going to start looking again. I've wanted a house for sooo long now. Anyway, I wish I were close to you. I could take those boxes for you. I started packing last weekend but only had a few boxes so I haven't gotten very far. My brother is bringing me some from his work . . . eventually. lol... Keep your chin up. The best is yet to come. Toodles. Lucy

Rose Ann said...

Angel...I'm so happy Katie is making friends and adjusting so nicely!! I'm sorry about the mishaps at your home! Hang in there, sweet friend!!

JAR said...

How wonderful that your daughter is making new friends!!
And I am so sorry about all the unneeded extra things going on that you have to clean up! I am praying for you and for a good week ahead too!