Monday, April 21, 2008

Fact #94

I color my hair because
I'm going grey.
I'm really chintzy too, so I can't bring myself to spend more than $20 on my hair at a beauty salon. A trip to a "Quick Cutz"or WalMart salon to whoever is available is all I usually do. Then I pick up a box and color my own hair. I try to buy a permanent, creme-based formula that won't run and I let it sit on my hair as long as I can stand it. Luckily, my hair is fine and thin so it's an easy thing to do myself.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I colored my hair with L'Oreal "Dark Chocolate Brown" [which was actually a little dark for me.]
NEXT time, I am going to take this fun survey to find my new color!
L'Oreal Color Survey
How fun!


Jen Glover said...

Angel, you are so cute! LOVE It!!! I like to make all my gray blonde.... It's so happy! *giggle* Happy Monday sweetie!

mochamama said...

well now girl don't go feeling special cause your not the only one going grey, hehehe. I must, must keep my hair highlighted or I look like my mother!

Peggy said...

your hair always looks great! You do a good job:)

Anna's Adorables said...

The butterflies are cute, course you know I'm a bear person myself, and would like nothing better than have bear stamps. Here'a a fact or two for you, how about sympathy, you are very sympathtic toward other peoples troubles. And very sentimental, which are two traits that I think you got from Aunt Anna :-). That's what makes us love you all the more.
Love you
Aunt Anna