Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fact #79

Boxes, containers, pretty packages of all types and sorts.... I am infatuated with them. It's so difficult for me not to save even the plainest of containers so I can alter them and make them someones treasure. Here are a just a few that are in my collection.


Deborah said...

My goodnedess! You have lots of stuff to pack for your move! Deb

Sharon in NE said... too. When we out of our former home, I boxed all those lovely treasures up and y'know...I can't find them now. Hmmmm...surely my husband and kids wouldn't...would they? Oh well, its been 3 years, if I haven't missed it by now...I'm better off. :D I'm sure the Goodwill enjoyed them all, if my family DID sneak that box out.

Anonymous said...

you've got every size and shape. Don't blame you, I do the same thing!

Diane said...

Those are awesome,I wish I had room to collect some,but my space is very limited.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

You must have a lot of room to collect all your treasures. I am in the midst of streamlining my crafts and collections to make way for our new Family room. I will tell you more about it later.
Much love

Feenie said...

OH, MAN.......I am SOOOO relieved to see that I am not the ONLY ONE that saves ANYTHING that can possibly be altered! ;0 :)