Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fact #69

I tend to "Stock Up" on things!
Oh, come on... YOU know what I mean!
My favorite cereal was recently on sale for 99 cents a box! I bought several!
Target had those cute little mailbox tins at Valentine's Day. I had to buy several.
And, how about a gift closet? Do you have one? I do.
I find a cute purse on clearance for $2. It's not exactly MY cup of tea, but someone will love it so into my gift closet it goes!
I know this obsession comes to me naturally. I think my dad is like this. My parents' cupboards will forever be well stocked!
HOWEVER, after a series that recently viewed on Oprah- "Inside the Secret Lives of Hoarders", I don't think I'll be so bad. The next time I reach for a bargain, I'll remember these ladies and the agony it really can cause!


Warren said...

I am saver of all things...
I ALWAYS buy on sale and stock up, in fact when my pantry starts looking bare I get a little itchy and need to fill it. I also stock up on seasonal stuff(after the season) I then box it label it and use it for projects that next year..

Hilmarose said...

I stock up cearl when it is on sale too! I didn't see the oprah show but I have read some articles on hoarding... it is awful! I have a lot of stuff (which I am trying to weed out, went from 4 girls at home to one and still have some of their stuff from growing up) but I can honestly say that firefighters or any one else has no problems getting in or thru my house. My grandma was a hoarder... it was awful!

Suzanne said...

We hoard too! The Rite Aide near our house recently had 2-liters 2 for $1! We now have about 30+ 2-liters (Coke AND Pepsi!) And they also had coke 12 packs for $2 each! You guessed it - we now have about 30 of those! LOL
We also bulk buy - Sam's Club! Probably will slack off now that our son is out of diapers (not TOO exciting - he's upgraded to pull-ups!) and our nearest Sam's is 30 minutes away. So with gas being as it is, those trips will be few and far between.....

Zarna said...

I saw that episode of oprah too! after i saw it i went through my wardrobe and gave away anything good that didn't fit, i chucked anything that was ripped or torn and I packed all my maternity clothes up into one of those clear storage boxes.
I had to have a big clean up because i became petrified of being that woman!

Anonymous said...

I am just the opposite, I 'm a purger. Clean my closet out every month and get rid of stuff, see a great bargain, might pick up one or two, cleaning out my stamping room, allllll the time and giving stuff away. Unfortunately for me, I don't always have those great little gifts on hand for an emergency

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Although I do not have a gift closet - I think the idea of one is a great one. It saves alot of money. I tend to pick up little gifts here and there for my nieces in Vancouver. They love to receive gifts from their auntie. I am a huge collector though. Trying to streamline my stuff and get rid of the junk or things I don't use.
Hard choices. Hugs