Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fact #65

I am incredibly forgetful.
It's getting worse as the months and years go by. I am going to have to make me a "Brain Book" like Peg's to carry around because tying a string around my finger will NOT work. I'll just forget why it's there!
I know there are vitamins and supplements that are supposed to help with this dilemma. Anyone have any idea if these really help?
I also found a few websites online that offer some mind exercises and games. I do think keeping your mind busy and "trained" is important. A friend of mine does crossword puzzles just for this reason. She's pretty sharp, so it may actually work!
Here are some sites for you to check out for yourself:
There are more sites that offer lots of information on this quite interesting topic!


cskidspraise said...

Hey. Don't know if the vitamins work or not. I find myself forgetting more and more as the days go by also.
Love ya.

Sharon in NE said...

I do crossword puzzles, Sudoku, scrabble, all those mindbender puzzles, and my job exercises my brain a great deal. Plus I read a lot, including what kind of vitamins and supplements will improve your memory. I just can't remember now what they are. ;) Face it girl...we're just too busy and have ourselves pulled in too many directions that it's hard to collect our thoughts. I have several little books in my purse for just that. The book I use the most is for peoples' names. Often times just the act of writing a name will help me to recall it, but I am always flipping through that thing trying to recall a name...maybe I do too many brain puzzles. I bet I've pulled a muscle up there. I better ask for some easier work assignments. ;)

Peggy said...

me too! But you know that:) I forgot to leave the baby mirror toy there that I said you could have! I am sorry:( AND I forgot to copy your pictures onto cd!!!

mochamama said...

I hear you girl, my memory has been getting worse all the time. It started when I hit early menopause. Between my hubby losing his hearing and me losing my memory we are constantly saying to each other....Did you tell me that, Did I say that....we just laugh at each other now!

Sue D said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I will have to check out these sites--if I remember!!

Warren said...

I know just what you mean, what works for me is list and lists and more lists...My husband makes fun of me because I have so many....and then forget where they are. ha ha ha