Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fact #64

Yes, I know this is my second fact today. I am posting tomorrow's fact today!
I'll tell you why in a second!

I LOVE Paper Crafting Magazines!
And I look at them over and over again! I have a ton, but whenever I go somewhere that I know I'll be sitting and waiting I just grab a few on my way out the door and it's as if I've never seen them before! If I have lots of time to kill, I'll read the articles, but more often I just look at all of the pretty pictures! I usually buy them with my Michael's or Hobby Lobby coupon.
BUT, I just received an email about a great sale on lots of idea books that I just HAD to share. There are lots of great magazines and books (such as the one pictured) on clearance for only $1.99 at Oh My Crafts!
What a Bargain!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Wow - those are great prices Angel. Excellent magazines to have around when you have to go to a doctors appointment or such. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

rattytatty said...

Angel Thanks for your comments on my blog. Am feeling a little better sao hopefully will be having more blog candy etc
see you soon

Peggy said...

I love scrapbook magazines! But oh are they expensive!

Deborah said...

Great deals! Gotta check these out! Thanks, Deb

Hilmarose said...

I checked em out now I just have to fit it into my budget!