Wednesday, February 6, 2008

South Carolina It Is

Yes, we are preparing to move to South Carolina! Specifically Shaw Air Force Base which is close to Sumter, SC. I wobbled a litte yesterday and nearly chose Alaska when an opening popped up there. So, nothing is certain about our move until we actually move.
I put everybody's name in the drawing and, a very cool random number generator, chose #15 which was
Kerry who said
"I'm going to guess South Carolina!! Have fun!"
Kerry Morgan

Congratulatations, Kerry! Please email me your mailing address and I'll send your surprise out!


Suzanne said...

So CLOSE! Congrats Kerry!

Robyn said...

Angel, if you are still debating Alaska, which AFB? I am 20 minutes away from Eileson.....girl, Jan and Feb are you coldest months!!! It is 9:30 AM and -47!! If you could get down by Anchorage ( I forget what that AFB is) you would love it! I would never leave Alaska if I was down there! Email me if you want any specifics about AK!

Good Luck!

Peggy said...

YAY!!!! 7 hours and 12 minutes away:)

Rhonda said...

I could see that Alaska would be an option, I would love to go visit there. But I do love Charleston too! I think Sumter is near there, right? We have friends there and we are always going to visit. It is very pretty there I think! Good luck on your move!