Saturday, February 23, 2008

No. Thirty

I like to smell good! I can spend a fortune in Bath & Body Works so I try to stay away from that store completely. There are only a few perfumes I really care for. I tend to use a matching shower gel and lotion instead of perfumes. But when I do wear a perfume, mostly light scents are what I like. A bottle of perfume can last me a few years.
Pink Sugar is at the top of my favorites list. It smells heavenly!
Of course I wear "Angel" occasionally!
And then there is a new favorite for me that I just love!
My daughter-in-law got me some Bath & Body Works perfume purse sprays for Christmas and the one I fell in love with is "Sensual Amber". Mmmmmm.... it smells so pretty!
I can also name a few perfumes that actually give me such a bad headache that I end up sick. I have no idea why that happens either. "Rapture" and "Eternity" are two that tend to do that. My best friend loves "Eternity" too. She tries not to wear it around me. But, I think she wears it lightly enough though that it wouldn't bother me so much.
On a side note..... WOOHOO Blogger Spellcheck is working again!!!!


Deborah said...

I am with you on Bath & Body Works Angel! They send me yummy coupons all the time! Have you tried the aromatherapy line? I adore the Sleep body wash and foam bath! It is just heavenly before bed! Deb

Samm said...

Oooo, you've gone and done it now... I just realised I was running out of Pink Sugar, went to Ebay and now I've bought Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar and Chocolovers....oh dear...


Peggy said...

You like sensual amber?? I don't. LOL! Guess that makes up for the Eternity! I do think I have a bottle of sensual amber lotion or something. I received some as a gift too. But I may have regifted it already. I will check!

Michelle said...

I spend alot at a Bath and Body. My daughter bought me Chocolate Amber for Cristmas. Have you smelled that one???

My all time favorite is Eternity. I hardly ever wear perfune because I work in an office with alot of women so the rule is "NO PERFUME"

Who makes the Pink Sugar? I have never heard of that one

Elaine said...

Hi Angel! I just read your preferences on fragrance. I am in exactly the same boat as you!! I LOVE certain fragrances (you should look at Lacoste too), but others like Eternity - give me the absolute WORST headache ever! Have you ever tried Ralph Lauren Blue? I love that one too! :) Happy Sunday -


Alexandra said...

Oooh, I have to try a few of these - I am ADDICTED to bath and body works! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

So many ladies I know love bath and body works. Every time they make a trip to the States they come back with goodies for the ladies in the neighborhood. From what I have received I really love. So many perfumes give me headaches too. One that doesn't is called Ysets (I think by Givenchy or something like that) I am not too familiar with perfume makers. LOL I like soft smelling lotions.