Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fact #35

NOTE: Thirty-Five facts about me, me, me.
Is it a big surprise I am losing subscribers?
You think I should quit with the facts?
Please take a quick minute to complete my poll and be honest!

Today's Fact:
I love Beth Moore Bible studies!
In fact, I am on my 10th organized study that she has written.
I've been to two of her conferences and seen her via satellite twice.
I just love to hear Beth teach God's word!
Every time I take a new Bible study it's my favorite!
So, right now my favorite study is "Stepping Up".

You can hear Beth for yourself here.


Amy Sheffer said...

Hi Angel! My vote wouldn't go through... I'm a 'keep going to 100' person. I'm enjoying them quite a bit!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the info on the Beth Moore bible studies. I've been looking for something!

Misplaced Texans said...

I second this one! (and I hope you don't get upset when you see it on my "fact a day" list someday!) Every one is my favorite, and I can't wait till my next one!!! My best ones were ones I took in Kansas, however! I think it was also the fellowhip I was taking the class with!!!
And as for the facts... my feeling is I read this blog to learn more about YOU and know what is going on in YOUR world, my sister! Of course I want to hear more! I can't learn this stuff in person anymore, so this is my only contact everyday with you! If I didn't care, I wouldn't stop by! (At least, thats what I keep telling myself about doing my own "fact-a-day.") You do this blog about YOU and YOUR life...

Alexandra said...

Your fact-a-day is awesome and I am still doing it on my blog too! I get quite a lot of commentary on mine and I always post my facts after whatever project I have to share for the day! I say, keep 'em comin! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

msfitzie said...

Kerry from Oklahoma - I'm doing STEPPING UP with about 150 other ladies and I am LOVING IT!!! I've done several of Beth's studies and have seen her in person 3 times. She is a very BLESSED Bible teacher. Seems like God brings us a great teacher for each generation....

Tami said...

I like reading your facts daily because it helps me get to know you as a person. I also come for your creations which are beautiful. When people are unsubscribing are they subscribing by other means?

Peggy said...

I have never heard of Beth Moore. I should check her out!

Here is my opinion about your facts:
I LOVE them! You have a wide audience. A lot of your audience wants to see your creations. Some of your audience may not be crafty enough to try making a card or a sketch, although they like to look at your finished product. (ok, I am talking about me here)BUT they want even more to read about YOU, your family, what you are doing from day to day, new recipes you have tried, how much you love your Godchildren, etc... LOL
So I say CONTINUE with your 100 facts please. Sometimes I am impatient when I come to your blog and you haven't posted the fact of the day yet! :) I really like them and even I, your BEST friend, am learning new things about you:)