Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fact #24

I like to decorate my kitchen in a theme. My very first kitchen theme was cows and then watermelons (this was a cool kitchen theme!) and now I have roosters. I really like my roosters and will probably have them for a while. I also have quite a bit of blue because I collect blue dishes as well.
Note: this is a short post as the little ones have just left and I am pooped! Nap time!


Deanne said...

My first kitchen was cows too!!!

Now it's fruit. I have a great collection of old fruit plates in my kitchen and dining area.

Janet said...

Wouldn't you know that us cow lovers would be the one's to respond to this one! LOL My last kitchen I had before we moved was COWS. I had it for 12 years. I can't decide what to do in my new kitchen so I've done nothing. It is a terra cotta color and I like it, but not quite a "cow" kitchen. I am not a big Southwest look person either. Maybe a French bistro look? Oh well I will know when I see it. sigh