Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I love a bargain and usually shop from clearance racks!
Case in point.... yesterday Sears was having a clearance sale with 30% off the already reduced clearance prices! I did a little shopping when I went in to pay my Sears card bill. But, when I realized that yesterday was the final day, I knew I had to go back and look at the baby clothes as well! Take a look at this adorable dress Katie and I picked up for Faith. It has a matching bloomers underneath.... too cute.

Would you believe it only cost $1.67???!!? Of course, I picked up some other cute things for both Brandon and Faith! I didn't see much for Zach which was okay, because I went a little crazy on him a while back so I doubt he needs many clothing items.
I just love bargains!


Peggy said...

WOW!!! What a deal!! It's so pretty. I can't wait until she can "wobble" around wearing cute little dresses!

Love you!

Nancy Grant said...

What a bargain and a really cute dress too!

Diane Lapointe said...

As if it was only $1.67!!!!!
It's so pretty Angel!!!! Great bargain!!

Rose Ann said...

What a great deal on such a pretty dress!!