Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fact-a-Day #5

I've got FOUR of the greatest kids EVER!
Really, truly. They are super kids. My preacher boys- Jake and Brian are in Bible College in Manhattan, Kansas along with Jake's wife, Megan. (I hope Karla doesn't mind that I claim Megan too!) And then there's Katie who is here in Georgia with us. She's sweet 16 right now, but someday will be a teacher! I don't mean to brag (yes, I do), but even though my kids were not completely perfect children, they were so very close! My heart swells with pride.
(I will just have to ask for forgiveness later.)


Adelina said...

Angel youre family is beautiful. We would love a big family and we hope that someday our wish will come true. Right now we just focus on our little girl and let me tell you parenthood is FANTASTIC! There is no greater gift and you should brag all day long - I know I do it all the time.

Rose Ann said...

Brag all you want...you deserve it!! You have a beautiful family, Angel!!

Peggy said...

I LOVE your kids too! And I always say what perfect kids you have:)

A Full House said...

I really like this idea. Thank you for sharing it.


Karla said...

She doesn't mind, we claim Jake too! I'm just grateful Megan has such loving in-laws! It was fun having Brian here before Christmas, and Katie at the wedding. I like your kids!

Patti Gingrich said...

Hi Angel! I'm really enjoying your fact-a-day posts. It's neat to learn more about you. Your family sounds wonderful, so brag on. Isn't bragging on our kids just another way to praise God? ;) Thanks for the dimensions on the taggy valentine. It's so cute! Looking forward to trying it!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

What a beautiful fact. Gorgeous picture of your family too. So I was trying to understand the picture, is that your daughter getting married, and if not is that Megan and which one is she marrying???? LOL
Great fact!
Bless you