Monday, December 17, 2007

I've Been Tagged..

I've been tagged by Blogging Buddy, Adelina at one of my favorite blogs, Well Said Cards.

And here we are my seven random facts about me:
1. I drink water and that's about it. I don't drink pop, coffee or much of anything else. Occasionally I will have tea in the form of chai or unsweetened Iced Tea. But, 99% of the time I drink water.
2. About 2 years ago I lost 75+ pounds by using Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds" and making some dietary changes. I have recently put back on some of the weight, but am ready to lose it again!
3. I just finished making and sending my Christmas cards.... almost 100 of them. Whew!
4. I L-O-V-E peanut butter. I didn't used to, but recently, I can't seem to get enough of it. (This may have had an impact on that recent weight gain.)

5. I am a mother to 2 boys and a girl and a godmother to 2 boys and a girl, all of whom I am crazy about! (AND I have a fabulous daughter-in-law that I am equally as crazy about.)
6. My hubby calls me "Butterfly". He started calling me that shortly after I got my butterfly tattoo many moons ago. (He calls me Caterpillar when he wants to get my goat. )

7. I have 2 Webkinz! A monkey named "Peach" and a hippo named "Harpo". I play with them whenever I have time to waste. :-) Don't laugh! I know many adults who have them.

Now to tag 7 buddies whom I don't think I have tagged before.

1. Michelle of "Come Stamp With Me".

2. Monica at "Monica's Crafts".

3. Patti at "Pure Inkspiration".

4. Cheryl at "Engineered Expressions." (Congrats, Cheryl on your recent winning streak!)

5. Liz at "All Th!ngs {PR!SS}y"

6. Shannon at "Stamp Til You Cramp."

7. Andrea at "Andrea's World"

Here are the rules:
Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Have a great day!


~ Jayme ~ said...

Hey Angel, I wanted to let you know that I received your card and RAK today. I just LOOOOVE your Christmas Card. And I can't wait to use the goodies you included. Thank you sooo so much! :)

~missprissme said...

OMG cool. I will go do this now

Michelle said...

I LOLed at #1, thinking, "only water? No wonder she looks so good!"

Michelle said...

OK, I played! I enjoyed reading your facts!

Andrea, said...

Thanks for the tag, I'll have a go at it tomorrow

Rose Ann said...

It's so fun to learn more about you, Angel! Hugs!!

Well Said Cards said...

I love all the tidbits on you! Thanks for sharing.