Saturday, October 20, 2007


I have been nominated by Allison for the "You Make Me Smile" Award! Allison makes me smile, that's for sure! I was so touched that she nominated me. So I am supposed to nominate other bloggers and so on and so forth. I nominate my five blogging buddies:
Rose Ann- She always has such kind words and comments. I look forward to hearing from her and reading her blog daily!
Maria- Another friend I feel fortunate to have met in blogland. She lifts my spirits!
Peggy-What can I say? Seeing new pics of my godchildren definitely makes me smile. That's something my best friend has been doing for over 14 years!
Tracy- We have SO much in common, it's like we're sisters. Although someone once asked if she was my daughter (Was NOT amusing). She is so witty and wonderful. I adore her!
Lori C- Lori oozes talent and charm. She makes me smile ALL of the time. I count it a HUGE blessing to know her personally. A friend I know I can count on, when I am on her blog I always say to myself... "and she is one of my closest friends!!"
There are more but I stopped at five.


Misplaced Texans said...

Oh come on, MOM!!! It wasn't THAT bad! At least they didn't ask if you were my GRANDMOTHER!!! I'd take you as a mother ANY DAY! At least that way I would have a sister!!!

Rose Ann said...

Thank you for the nomination, Angel! You make me smile as well!! Hugs!!

Peggy said...

Thanks so much! You make me smile too:) And so does Katie! And Kevin! and Jake! And Brian!

Maria said...

Aww thank you for the award! You are the sweetest! Thank you for the nice comment about me. . .you lift my spirits too!