Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Name Game ~ Take 2

I was tagged by Monica at Monica's Crafts to play the name game. I have already done this once with my middle name so now I will use my last name instead! The idea is to use the letters in your middle (in my case Last)name to give a description or reference to yourself.
W- I am Woman - Hear me roar?
I- Ice Cream My favorite is this Breyer's Caramel Pretzel. It is SO SO good!
L- Love- I love Jesus, my hubby, my family, my friends and everyone else!
D- Design Team I have dreams to someday be on a Design Team, but who doesn't?
E- Eggs I have to go make me some now.... only the whites though thanks to my Diet!

I am now supposed to tag the number of letters in my last name so that's five....
Peggy, Tracy, Maria, Cathy, and Patti.
Play only if you have the time, ladies!


kerry davis said...

I like your answer for 'D' - I, too, have dreams of being on a design team! Hmm, maybe we should come up w/ our own! =)

Happy Halloween....

Patti Gingrich said...

Thanks for the "tag" Angel! I'm with you on the DT! It would be sooooo much fun! You'd make a fantastic addition to a DT, so here's hopin' it becomes a reality for you!