Monday, October 1, 2007

It's Gotta be Pink!

Pink is my favorite Color! I thought of putting the Aerosmith lyrics here just cuz I think of that song whenever I say that. However, I had no idea the lyrics were obscene! Oh, dear.
Back to the post.....

Last year when I thought my life could get no more crazier than it already was.... hubby was gone for a year to Korea, I was working full-time at a job that kept me on my toes (tip-toes at times, right, Jonya?), I had 2 kids in college- one away and one at home and a 16 year old daughter whom I thought had gone off the deep end (that is a whole other story), I was trying to get my house ready to sell so we could move (and we didn't know where about stress)......when all of that was going on, I went in for a routine mammogram. The next day I got a call saying they wanted me to come back in for an ultrasound because they had found "something". I was so very worried. But, I had a secret weapon and it was time to use it. Prayer. God quickly gave me the strength I needed to get through that stressor as well as all of the other stressors last year brought my way. He gave me that "peace that passes all understanding". Boy, did I need it.
I still have that "something", but it's nothing. It's not growing or moving and who knows what it is, but apparently nothing to worry about. Others have lumps or bumps that are something. I don't know why and can't begin to fathom why. But, there's a reason. And I trust God that someday we'll know the reasons. Until then... there's that color pink. And...

Breast cancer has touched my family. I have a cousin who went through it. Two of my best friends have relatives who have went through and/or are going through the fight. So, as today is October 1, I am joining the hundreds (probably thousands) of blogs and websites going Pink for October. You can click on this link for more information. Help support Breast Cancer Awareness month and GO PINK!

That leads me into my blog candy or as I like to call it... Butterfly Kisses. I am celebrating 10,000 hits on my blog AND I'm doing so on the 1st of October so it's gotta be pink!
Here is what you can win:

A handful of assorted pink primas, a tube of pink glitter, Me & My Big Ideas pink paisley rhinestones, a lot of pink die cuts and punches, Heidi Swapp edge distresser, Vintage pink trim and ric rac, a pink gel pen, a spool of The Paper Studio pink polka dotted ribbon, pink Vibrance pigment ink, 30 pink buttons, pink grosgrain and pink organdy ribbon, and a dozen little gift envelopes tied in pink satin ribbon.

All YOU have to do is comment (PLEASE only once!) and tell me
1. who you are
2. where you live and
3. if you've ever been effected by breast cancer (You or a friend/family member).
AND there's one more way to get an extra chance at this pink candy. Make your blog pink for October or display one of the buttons available at Pink for October! Make sure you let me know on your comment!
(IF you don't have a blog~ You can get an extra chance by telling me how many times I mentioned the word PINK in this post. )
I'll choose a winner at random this Saturday, October 6th! And, Please feel free to spread the word about this PINK candy!

Pink Blessings for October~


Anonymous said...

Hey Angel, I think I saw 23 "pinks" In there somewhere. My Grandma had breast cancer back in the early 80's. She's still doing awsome and in her 90's today!
I'm Karla from Missouri, (yup, guess who?!) and I do believe you're starting to inspire me to make a card or two. (I haven't dont it yet, just getting inspired!) Love the PINK!

Gina Wrona said...

1. Gina Wrona
2. Center Line, MI
3. So far, we've been blessed not to be affected by breast cancer. Thank God!

I don't have a blog, but I counted "22" pink's in your post not including the title.

Cathy said...

Hi Angel,

I'd be so tickled to win your candy! I keep trying so one of these days it's bound to happen. Whether I ever win or not I LOVE reading your entries and seeing your creations.

1. I'm Cathy
2. I live in rural Southern Minnesota
3. I've not dealt with breast cancer but have been touched by the C word. My mom was recently diagnosed with level 4 lung cancer (no family history or lifestyle that would have indicated such)

I count 23 plus 1 more in the title. It helps that you 'pinked' them out.

scfranson said...

You have a wonderful blog. I'm Claudia from Wisconsin and yes, I've had family and friends with breast cancer and I've also gotten one of those call backs from a mammogram. Thank God it was a nothing, my heart goes out to those with a something.
I counted 23 also.

canben said...

You mentioned PINK 24 times!
What a great cause for candy! I'm going pink tonight!

canben said...

Oh and I forgot

- I'm Suzanne
- I'm from Eastern North Carolina
- And I have been touched by breast cancer too many times! My great-grandmother (father's side) had it twice, my mother, my cousin (passed away from it), my mother-in-law, lady I work with, and a guy I work with's wife. Here's praying they find a cure soon!

lois lane said...

My name is Lois and I'm from Parkersburg, WV. I had a friend die from breast cancer and my sister-in-laws mother had breast cancer. Unfortunately hers spread to her spine, hip and leg. But she was diagnosed years ago with breast cancer. She is a very strong lady and never complains. I admire that about her!! I am not sure I would be that brave.
Thank you for sharing your story. It was very up-lifting. Thank God for the power of prayer!!

Susan Daly said...

Sue Daly from Summerfield, NC. My friend's family has had breast cancer so she is very concerned and gets checked regularly.

jodene said...

I am Jodene from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am lucky to say no one close to me has had to fight breast cancer. To many women do and I get checked regularly. Thanks for the chance.

Misplaced Texans said...

Hi Angel. I'm Tracy, a misplaced Texan living in New York.
I had a aunt-in-law that lost both breasts to breast cancer 10 years apart. She was the sweetest lady, even though her body was eventually so racked with cancer she returned to her everlasting body with God. (I miss you Aunt Kerlin!)

Deborah said...

Hi Angel, great cause for your 10,ooo celebration! I am adding the emblem and making my blog pink too! I need my glasses, but I thought including the title I saw 25 pinks! Probably off a few...LOL!
Deb Golan
San Diego, CA
My sister has been cancer free (breast cancer) for 20 years!

Most important to get those mammies yearly! Thanks! Deb

Linda SS said...

I counted 25 the word pink 25 times in the post. The Power of Prayer!!! I'm soooo happy to hear that your "something" is not cancer:)

I'm Linda from Washington State. Breast cancer has touched many of my friends and relatives. Cancer has touched my own life as well, but not in my breasts. I have stage 4 colon/liver cancer. In addition to yearly mammograms, I encourage anyone who has had someone in your family with colon cancer, PLEASE have a colonoscopy by age develops much earlier in a 2nd generation than it did in the previous one and catching it early or in the polyp stage is the key to survival. I pray that I can prevent others from developing this disease.

Shelby said...

I'm Shelby from Edmonton, AB. I'm fortunate enough to not know anyone with breast cancer, thank goodness.

CAKVD said...

Hello! I'm Cheryl from Madison, WI. I currently have two aunts (on my husband's side) that are battling breast cancer. One is doing pretty good and the other isn't doing good at all. I love the pink goodies!

cskidspraise said...

Hey Angel. I am Chrystal and I am from Gloucester VA. I counted pink 25 times in the blog. My great aunt had breast cancer. Prayer is everything. Love ya girl.

charity said...

Hello my name is Charity and I am from Texas.
i have not been affected by breast cancer, but my father did have prostate cancer.

I counted 23 in your blog, plus one in the title, and another one in the i'm going pink for october pic in the middle of the blog for a grand total of 25.

this is awesome candy. i have taken a look at some of your cards and they are really cool! Congrats on all the hits and thanks for a chance at some great candy!

Kathi said...

My name is Kathi, I live in Western NY and yew, breast cancer has touched my life. My very sweet mother in law has not only battled breast cancer but ovarian cancer as well. Not once has she ever been depressed or angry. This ordeal has only made her shine brighter. Through all the treatments and doctor visits she's braved them all with patience and smiles. I thank God she brought this very special lady into my life! Love ya 'Ma'!

primitiveaseasons said...

I had a maternal aunt who had both breasts removed and a sister in law who had a lumpectomy because of breast cancer. It's a terrible disease and as women we MUST work together to eradicate it. Pink blessings to everyone. GET THOSE MAMMOS!

Sara said...

They saw that we all know someone who has been touched by Breast Cancer, a coworker of mine has survived and the number one reason people survive is GOD! So glad to hear that you are doing well and that God is your source for strength and purpose. I will be going pink for October with one of the buttons. Thanks for the opp!

YankeeTexan said...

Hi Angel!
I'm Amber from Texas (living in central NY). I've known many people who've won and lost battles with all types of cancer. I've seen the scars from surgery, and I've witnessed the pain. I pray for all those struggling and surviving right now. God's here.
Let's all go PINK to raise awareness!

Pattyjo said...

I counted a total of 28 listed on your blog today(some on the side).
I have two aunts who lost breasts due to cancer. I had a close scare but it was nothing. I did just get an email from my dear friend just today...who told me about her second breast biopsy reveled she had cancer in one of the 3 nodes they checked. She is waiting for further information on treatment now. She just lost the first breast. It is soooo scarey and needs the attention everyone is giving. If I had a blog (i don't) I would turn it pink!

Jessica said...

My name is Jessica and I live in central Oregon (small city called Redmond). A wife of someone I work with had breast cancer. I also jog an annual 5k race every year for the past 6 years for breast cancer, it's called Heaven Can Wait. This race is the absolutely best race ever! It is so fun and so inspiring.

Pat S. said...

Hi! I am Pat S. and I live in Kentucky. I know of only distant friends who have survived breast cancer. I’m glad your “something” turned out to be “nothing”!

Thank you for offering such an awesome prize! I think the "going pink" blogs is a wonderful idea!

I don’t have a blog, so I will answer your last question:
I think you mentioned PINK 23 times + the title + the button

Peggy Maier said...

I'm Peggy Maier
from north central Texas (near Wichita Falls)
I counted 23 Pinks in your post + 1 for the pin/button. I know 2 very precious ladies who have lost both breasts due to cancer. They are both doing great & both love the Lord for answered prayers!

Card Creativity said...

Im Julie from Mn. I have not dealt with breast cancer, but have had cancer myself and survived it.

Tracy.H said...

Hey Angel!

1. Tracy
2. Calgary, AB, Canada
3. No one in my family or non of my friends to this date!

And yes...I have gone Pink too!! :0)

Marlou said...

Hi there, my name is Marlou and im from Northern Ireland.

My mum's aunt and grandmother both died from breast cancer, so my mum has to be screened regularly.
The Lord is more than good and has brought me through many trials in my life.
Thank you for sharing and i will display the pink logo at my blog xxx

Michelle said...

My name is Michelle and I live in Kuna, Idaho. I look your blog! Alot of fun info... I'm going to attempt to post a button and try to make my wesite pink :)

I have a cousin that had Breast Cancer last year. Nobody else.
I get my yearly mammo and think its very important everyone does the same!!

Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps said...

I'm Kelly from Enderby BC my sister is currently going through the diagnosis process for Inflammatory breast cancer we are praying that her tests will come back perfect.

SB said...

I am turning my blog pink for this month. I, too, had a similar bump story. Scary as heck!

I am going to borros your button, if that's okay. I'll credit you, of course.

thanks for being pink. The world needs it.

Tami said...

I'll be trying to go pink tonight (maybe tomorrow depending on time).

I'm Tami Grandi and am from Knoxville, TN and I have a friend whose mom has beat breast cancer two times and is now fighting bone cancer. I'm rooting for her but prognosis isn't good. Thanks for the chance!

Amy said...

My name is Amy and I live in Atlanta, GA. None of my friends or family have had breast cancer, but with 1:8 odds, it is, unfortunately, only a matter of time.

On my blog, I have gone Pink for October:

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!

I'm Deb M from beautiful British Columbia. I have not been personally affected by breast cancer, but other forms of cancer run in my family.

I will add the PINK BUTTON to my blog. Thank you!

Wife2TJ said...

I think I saw the word PINK mentioned 23 times. PINK is my favorite color and this is a WONDERFUL cause!

My name is Samantha
I live in NC Right outside of Charlotte.
My MIL was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was taken from us Dec. 2006.

THANK YOU!!! for giving us all a chance to win this amazing blog candy! -Samantha

Jules said...

I am already pink on, but I will add a button. I will post it on this blog.

My name is Julie
I live in Great Falls, Montana
No one that I have known has had breast cancer. Get your mammograms every year!

Mary Campbell said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog.
I have been affected deeply by breast cancer. My mom had a breat removed at age 65. That was 15 years ago. She had 2 sisters with a breast removed. I have one sister in law with one breast removed. I have 4 first cousins with both breasts removed. I have a lump that we are watching. My oldest sister has a lump they are watching. and my baby sister had a lump removed at age 17, she is now 45. We are blessed that no one has died from the breast cancer but my dad died of bone cancer at age 61. Still I want to say God is good and he continues to bless me everyday.
Mary Campbell
Stopover, KY
I counted 25 times that I saw the word pink.

Ida Faye said...


My name is Ida Faye and I live in eastern NC. I lost my mother to breast cancer over 20 years ago. Thanks for offering such awesome blog candy. I counted pink 23 times!

Rosella said...

I love what you have done with "pink". It is such a nice color too. I am very fortunate that I have not been affected by breast cancer.
I'll go make my blog PINK too.
Thank you for sharing.

mama of a turtle herd said...

THANK YOU for your post! I knew nothing about going pink for october. BUT I WENT PINK! Check it out here:
I am Lori West, I live in Middle Tennessee, and my grandmother had breast cancer in the 90's. She had her right breast removed. So I am all about my PINK RIBBON all year long, and now my blog has GONE PINK!!!

Also you mentioned pink 21 times I believe.

Happy day!

Lindsay said...

I love your blog, and I agree, prayer is one of the most powerful weapons believers have.
Anyway, to answer your questions -
1. Lindsay
2. Alabama
3. Yes, my grandmother had breast cancer

I don't have a blog, but you mentioned pink 21 times, 22 if you count the "pink for october" link. ;-)

Blessings to you!

starqueen said...

Hi Angel,
My name is Regina and I live in southeastern Massachusetts.

I have lost three in-law's to breast cancer. It's hard to imagine that it doesn't affect someone these days.

Thank you for sharing!

deenie said...

HI Angel!
I am Deenie from Hawaii. Love your blog! I had breast cancer and a mastectomy at 25....that was 12 years some ways it seems like just yesterday, in otherways, it seems like it was a lifetime ago!

Thanks for sharing....and I think I saw 23 PINKS in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel (what a beautiful name btw), I am Janet from Canada, and I changed my little blog to pink, and I wrote about my connection to Breast cancer there. It scares me everyday.

Thank you for offering pink pretties, I must admit, I love pink, but haven't had the chance to obtain any pretty pink accessories.

Michelle said...

I'm Michelle from California.
I recently became well acquainted with a young woman - just 39 - who has one of the rarest and worst forms of breast cancer. Halloween marks two years since her diagnosis and so far she remains cancer free after a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation.

Brenda said...

Hi...I'm Brenda from Canada. I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Thanks for this chance to win sweet pink candy. The word "pink" was mentioned 25 times in this post.

Jan Scholl said...

Jan Scholl
Flushing, MI
nope-nada-better stay that way too.

btw-I have always hated pink the color. my first purchased house was pink and the pit from hell. then I Had a redhead and she loved pink. and any color of it you could make.

Cathy said...

Glad everything is going well for you now. I live by faith and prayers! Sweet candy you are celebrating with your readers. Congrats on your hits.

I'm Cathy coming from Cleveland, Missouri.
I have had 2 family members effected and a few co-workers effected.
I don't have a blog so I will say you used pink 25 times.

Thanks for a chance.

Sandy said...

Hi there! Sandy from Federal Way WA here. Nobody in my family has had the battle yet, but my friend Ruby is getting over a summer of chemo. Wow what a woman!!!! She amazes me with her positive 'tude.

And I did turn my blog pink!
Bloggone Pink

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel
I am Melissa from Nebraska. and I do believe I saw 23 pinks in your blog. I have a friend that I work with in a dental office that has had breast cancer and is doing great on her recovery two years later. She lost her mother to breast cancer so we do what we can to suuport the pink. Thanks for a great site adn ideas.

Kristine said...

Hi, I'm Kristine from Ontario, Canada. I've had a grandmother and a great aunt affected by breast cancer, and I personally had one of those "something there" scares, that thankfully turned out to be not a troublesome something.
I counted 25 pinks in your blog.

Patti - Proud Member of said...

Hiya! I'm Patti in Massachusetts. I'm in the process of turning my blog pink right now! :)

My oldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. She fought back and at her five year milestone she was rediagnosed! She's cancer free now for one year and we're praying that it continues! God bless all those who have gone through it or who are currently fighting it! :)

Are we supposed to count the pinks? I counted 25!

crhessel said...

I think I would be shocked if I met someone who hasn't been affected in some way by breast cancer, hitting a little closer to home is that my DH has leukemia. We support all out there affected by any cancer, because the chalenges and fears are still the same.

LindaB said...

Thank you for the sentiment and the great blog candy - My Mom has been fighting breast cancer for four years now - but boy is she ever strong!!!

Off to turn my blog pink!

Karen Gladney said...

Great blog candy. I changed my blog to pin also. Good idea. I have an Aunt that most of her sisters and her Mother died from Breast Cancer. That must be quite scarey for her. I live in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.


Andrea Hays said...

1. My name is Andrea Hays
2. I live in Mound Minnesota
3. My grandmother had breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. I was like you in which they found a lump. I got my first mamogram at 21. But they are sure it was nothing. But I will always remember that phone call.

Thanks for the giveaway! I have two pages that are pink right now...or have a lot of pink. and

Shutterbug said...

Hi i'm Amanda, i live in Alberta, Canada. My Grandma just recently suffered with breast cancer. She better and on the road to recovery now and i thank God that there are ways to deal with it and help for those who suffer from it.

Janet B said...

I'm Janet and I live in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I have a very good friend who has struggled with breast cancer and has WON! She's a wonderful lady, and as strong as they come.

Thanks for sharing.

Janet B

Natalie said...

My name is Natalie. I live in Surprise, AZ. I'm so inspired by your blog! It's just awesome! I've had a couple women in my family have lumps that ended up being benign. But a woman who's daughter is one of my best friends, and who, in a sense, helped raise me was diagnosed a couple of years ago. She was cancer-free until about a month ago, something was found. We're still waiting for further testing to find out if that something was actually something or nothing. It's been agony waiting; this woman is like another mother to me. Best wishes to you!

Natalie said...

Oh! I have a blog, but I just wanted to participate! Counting every time I saw "pink" in this post... 24. :D

kearneykrafter said...

Okay, I counted 23 pinks....which is kind of ironic, since my birthday is on the 23rd of June!! I live in Nebraska, born and raised. And I too, have a friend battling an aggressive form of breast cancer. Godspeed to all....

Anonymous said...

My name is Ilene, I live in Michigan, USA and my grandmother had breast cancer in her 90's. But she was such an inspiration to us all because at the time, she was still working, did radiation treatments & worked afterwards and then lived to be 104. Such a sweet LADY! I counted 23 with no. 24 being in the subject line for todays post. Thanks for the chance at this treat!
Ilene B.

Tara said...

Ok...well I am Tara...I live in Katy, TX and sadly my husbands aunt passed away this summer from breast cancer. Your pink candy looks great!! :)
I am posting a button on my blog for Pink for October too!! :)

doverdi said...

Diane from Ontario, Canada. Breast cancer has touched my family. My sister is a breast cancer survivor. (Thank God!)
Thanks for all your doing to raise awareness. THINK PINK! I do think you mentioned it 24 times (counting the little logo) in this post.

inkedx2 said...

Hi, My name is Candice Schwartz and I live in Lexington Park, MD. A year ago breast cancer touched our family. My Aunt in Ohio is a breast cancer survivor. THINK PINK! I counted 24 in this post.

Suzy said...

You mentioned pink 24 times (if you include the title of your post) and you have a graphic that says pink so that is 25 times total, 23 inside the post.

My name is Suzy and I live in Halifax NS. My grandma is a breast cancer survivor and I love her.

I will be putting pink up on my blog too if I can figure it out lol

Alexandra said...

My name is Alexandra (I go by Alex), and I currently live in Orange Park, FL but next week I am moving to Northern California! We have had a couple of scares, but Thank God nothing serious. It is a devastating disease and I am glad we are all doing our part to get the word out. Yep, my blog is pink too - check it out! I also have blog candy so get on over there girl!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Linda F. said...

Hi! I'm Linda F (celtictrek) from Ohio. I am a 16 year survivor of breast cancer. My mother died of cancer when I was 20. She was 49, so one of my greatest days was when I celebrated my 50th! I had beat it then as far as I was concerned. I'll be 60 this year, so I'm still going strong! I've added a badge to my blog ( show my support!
Thanks for you great blog, Angel! And I'm so glad to hear that your "something" is "nothing" right now!

janet allen said...

One of my best friends had both breasts removed and is a surviver:) I've lost a few elderly relatives to the disease. But the one that upset me the most was my sister's best friend, Jennifer, who lost her battle at age 30. She was smart, pretty, & the sweetest girl you could ever meet. Her husband walked out on her when she got the disease, saying he couldn't deal with "a one-breasted freak". Thankfully, she had loving parents and my sister who stood by her until the end. We will never fully recover from our loss.

Lastel/STAMPINSTEL said...

My name is Lastel and I live in the Portland Oregon area . I had a friend who several years ago had breast cancer , she is a surviver .
I counted 25 times the word pink was mentioned , counting the title and the button .

Peggy said...

Wow! You already had 69 comments before I even had a chance to look at your blog. WOW! How do you do it? Well, you already know my Aunt is battling breast cancer. It has spread in her bones and I pray for her every day. I am working on "pinking" my blog up right now!

Love ya!

foodpartyfun said...

I am Pat
from Decatur, Alabama.
I had the same sort of scare that you had. A spot that no one can identify and it is always there and never changes. So far, breast cancer does not run in my family.

I counted the word pink 25 times.
Thanks for supporting a great cause!


Sara said...

Hi Angel
I'm Sara Redman from LeRoy, MN. my family or friends have not been directly effected by breast cancer. I know of a few women that have..."sister" SU demonstrator, sister of another sister demonstrator, and a few others too. I'll try to work on changing my blog banner to pink for this month. Thanks for the chance at the candy! Great stuff!

Lilian said...

hi angel!

1. My name is Lilian.
2. I'm from Irine, CA.
3. I have not been directly affected by breast cancer, but my family has a history of all the other kinds of cancer.
4. I think you mentioned pink 25 times.

thanks for the chance to win and for raising awareness! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel,
This candy is super awesome!! TFS
who am I? I'm Kim. Where do i live? I live in Lynwood, IL. Have I ever been affected by breast Cancer? yes 2 friends of mine are survivors of breast cancer. I believe the word pink shows up in this post 25 times, that includes the badge. if you aren't counting that then it's 24

The Williams Family said...

Hello there,

Portland, OR

My great-grandma had breast cancer back in the 90's. I am so glad that people are aware and we have come so far in such a short time.

rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rebecca said...

Hi, Angel -- You always have interesting blog entries and candy. Thanks for helping bring attention to breast cancer, not just this month but every month.

I'm Rebecca and I'm from Oregon. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 1998; my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2000; and my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2001. There was no prior history in our family, so go figure.... All 3 of us were diagnosed via mammograms. Mine was so small that it looked like grains of salt within the diameter of a pencil eraser tip. PLEASE--if you can't afford a mammogram, check to see if there are programs in your area that offer them for free or reduced fees. There are many organizations raising money just for that. Thanks for letting me play along and for letting me use your space as a forum for something that is near, not so dear, but very prevalent in my family, friends, and the world. Don't forget that men get it, too. Mammograms save lives!!!

I don't have a blog, but I am writing all my e-mails in pink this month, along with adding a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon to it. I count 25 "Pinks" in the post, including the title, the sticker, and the 2 links to Pink for October.

debbiedee said...

I am Debbie from central NE and just put a pink ribbon on my blog. I have been affected by breast cancer thru family and friends. The first being my grandma 10 yrs ago (she died of a massive stroke a few weeks ago). Grandma was a survivor and my hero.

Susan said...

Hi Angel!

My name is Susan and I'm from Alaska.

I have several friends who themselves have survived breast cancer. In Anchorage, we have the Alaska Run for Women and I've been volunteering with them for the last several years. It's a great event.

I believe that you posted "pink" 25 times. :o)

Brenmarie said...

1. My name is Brenda Marie Wadler
2. I'm from the beautiful and windy part of Alberta
3. My dear grandmother was diagnosed with Breast cancer this past summer.

You mention Pink 25 time in you blog post. I hope I'm not too late to get a chance to win this awesome pink blog candy!