Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Half of the Loot! A Review...

I took a picture of the birthday blog candy SO FAR. We are a little over half way to my birthday. Only 15 more days to go! I thought you might want to see the treasure for yourself! I set everything up on the end table in my living room.

31 Shaped Eyelets
30 Decorative Brads
29 Envelopes
28 Colorful Buttons
27 Glittery Chipboard Letters
26 Eyelets
25 Punches and Die cuts*
23 White and Clear Buttons
22 Flowers
21 pieces of Basic Grey DP (6x6)
20 tags*
19 cuttlebugged backgrounds*
18 images
17 postage stamps
16 charms
and 15 paisley items

To clear up any confusion (I hope):
Commenting on the posts will NOT get you entered into this giveaway. The only way to enter is to make cards using the sketches. You can make them all on November 7 if you like. OR you can make one or two a day (or more) until November 7. I will draw the name of the winner on November 8 when my actual birthday has come and gone. There is only ONE more way to be entered into this drawing besides working with the sketches. I'll let you know that later!

Commenting daily WILL get you entered into a drawing though. This drawing is for the cards I make for the daily sketches. Every day I go back to the previous day's sketch post and write down all of the names of people who commented ON THAT DAY. Those people are entered into the drawing for the cards. One comment per person per day. (Commenting today on yesterday's post will not get you an entry.)
What do you think of the treasure so far?


Rachel said...

What do I think???

I think I need to catch up on the last week's worth of sketches! That is an awesome pile of loot! :)

Misplaced Texans said...

Ok.. I am finally caught up, and after seeing this post, I am glad I took the time to do that! I love this Angel!! Thank you so much for making me be creative again!! It has my mental juices flowing!!!
Here are Sketches 14-17... can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Patti Gingrich said...

That's some dandy candy Angel! I need to get busy and do more sketches. Work has just been crazy lately and my brain is too fried to even stamp when I get home. lol I sure am enjoying all of your designs though. Keep 'em coming. :)

Monica-FC said...

what that is alotta loot.

Well Said Cards said...

My goodness that is some serious LOOT!

Brenmarie said...

Oh my I better get busy. That stash looks awesome!

Tejal said...

Just one word to describe what I feel after seeing this together...drooling!!!!
I need to get started..piling up all the sketches together...

Brenda said...

What an awesome pile of candy!! I wish I was eligible, but I haven't been doing the sketches. (I had surgery on my hand...& now it's been in a hard cast /splint thingy for 7 weeks...and now I'm waiting for more surgery.) Please count me in for the draw for the cards though!
~Brenda H.

Katydid said...

I think I'd be honored to win a card. Looking forward to more from you.

rebecca said...

What I'm thinking is that I wish I had the time/experience/motivation to do some of the sketches. I have copied them for future use. Whoever wins either giveaway will have as happy a day as I hope you have on your birthday.

Courtney Fowler said...

I think somebody's getting an early Christmas! LOL! What wonderful things!

Debi said...

My lands, has Christmas come! This is an incredible give a way. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Cathy said...

It's quite a stash and I hope to get my tush in gear and finish the sketches so I can be eligible! Have you checked out the flat rate priority mail boxes at the post office? They have 2 (pretty good sized) boxes that you can stuff to the seams (weight doesn't matter) and it only costs $8.95 to ship. You can fit a lot of stamp supplies in them (I've used them frequently). Now, off to plan some cards. Of course, winning your cards would be super delightful. :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone will have a great day even if it isn't their birthday. Hope you have a great one.
JoAnn B.