Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Cry 4 Help!

Sorry... didn't mean to be so dramatic in my title there! I just found out that I am completely out of my Mary Kay cleanser. I am one of those girls who "stocks up" and the last time I ordered from my friend (who retired) I think I bought 3 of everything I use. So, I was shocked to see I was out of cleanser and on my last bit of moisturizer. I have to be honest here, I am not used to paying full price since I ordered from a very close friend. So, whoever offers me the best deal, gets some great business!


CAKVD said...

Hello. What kind of cleanser did you use? I used to sell MK and still have some inventory. If I have any of what you need, I'll give it to you for free. I just want to get rid of it all.
Cheryl KVD

Gina Wrona said...

You might want to try contacting Dawn Griffith.